Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bryan Slater's Bum....YUM!!!!

This past Wednesday, I attended the Will Clark Show featuring Porno Bingo at Pieces Bar. The week's pornstar guest caller was Bryan Slater.

At one point during the evening Bryan came up to me and said, "Hello. I feel like I know you in a cyberspace kind of way." This was most likely because of comments I've written on his Facebook page, and most recently I did send him via Twitter the link to my recent blog post about my posing for the Leslie/Lohman Erotic Drawing Studio, because he has done so for them as well. So that was a common thread between us. But even with that common thread and various comments, I was still surprised that he knew of me enough to present himself.

During the evening there was an auction held for Bryan's jockstrap. I've been part of an auction myself during my last appearance at The Will Clark Show this past December. Well, another common thread between me and Bryan Slater is that we share the same auction winner.

Since I've been so busy lately, I haven't been able to give you the erotic tale to inspire a horny weekend like my loyal readers have gotten used to. So I hope this post can't do the trick...somewhat.

Because while displaying the jockstrap up for auction, Bryan got on the pool table. With camera in tow, I started taking pictures. And being the ass-man that I am, even though Bryan Slater is beautiful all over, this 2-minute slideshow clearly shows where my focus was.


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