Friday, April 29, 2011

Taken In By Seduction

Last night, I went to the opening reception for the erotic art exhibit, "Seduction, Queer Visions of Masculinity" at P.J.S. Exhibitions. Unknown to me until I got there (but considering their talent, not at all surprising), 3 artists who drew me in the past had some of their works on display and the artists themselves were in attendance at the opening reception.

I know I've posted this picture here on this blog a number of times before. Well, if you 're new to my blog, let me inform you that it was done by Anthony Gonzales. It was done at the 2006 NY Erotic Art Fair, which was my first time modeling for sketch artists. He mentioned wanting to be there when I posed at the Leslie/ Lohman Erotic Drawing Studio recently, but was unable to be there. Considering how talented he is, I do hope to both be called back, as well as have him in attendance to see what he comes up with based on his position in the studio.

Speaking of position in the Erotic Drawing Studio, at this opening reception, that was one of the beautiful things about coming face to face with Rob Clarke and Chuck Nitzberg. I was able to recall from their drawings where in the studio they were sitting. Another beautiful thing about meeting them as well was finally being able to put a face on the person who (1)created those sketches that were done of me, and (2) showed their individual artistic talents and styles in doing those sketches. And I'm bestowing these compliments to them in return to theirs last night as to how one of the things that made me a good model was the fact that I was able to stand still, which is no easy task, and according to them has not always been the case with some models.
None of these were featured there, of course. But this should be a small indicator of the range of talent in sketches, paintings, and photos you're missing out on if you're in New York City and don't go see this exhibit for yourself. For other artists whose works that I know of that are on display include Robert W. Richards, photographers Michael Alago and Kim Hanson. Now, you can add others like Bill Donovan as a favorite for his collection of penis paintings that used various types of colors and paints.
And that just names a few of the great talents that were on display. So make sure you see this before it ends on May 15th, 2011.

Seduction, Queer Visions of Masculinity 
@P.J.S. Exhibitions
238 West 14th Street
New York City
Tuesday - Sunday 11 AM - 7 PM

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