Monday, May 24, 2010

Video Review: Mixxxed Nuts, Vol. 2

For the 1st time ever, I went to the club, Escuelita here in NYC. Part of the reason I went was to meet up with a vacationing Parisian couple I met the night before in the East Village. And before you ask, no sex happened that night or this one. Anyway, it turned out being a night that the guys from FlavaWorks were appearing there. So when I saw Phil from FlavaWorks, part of my greeting was getting a copy of their new release, "Mixxxed Nuts, Vol. 2: Taste The Crunch".

While I'll get into great detail about the bad, the good of this movie is DAMN GOOD. To be honest, the sex was so good that with the exception of one scene, I couldn't get through an entire scene of "Mixxxed Nuts, Vol. 2" without busting a nut of my own. All the players were so HOT that the reason I shot my load before the end of the scene was because I couldn't decide who I wanted to be, the top or the bottom. For example, while watching Scene 1, one minute I wanted to be Mr. Saukei fucking the holy hell out of Cody Kyler's hole that I make his ass jiggle, but within that same minute, I wanted to be in Cody Kyler's place having my ass jiggling like jelly because of Mr. Saukei's acrobatic hard pounding. Then the next minute, I was wishing I was Tyson hitting Mr. Saukei's juicy ass from the back. So it was a good thing that while I was reviewing, I'm in good enough shape to easily go another round of beating my meat.

The beauty of reviewing porn is if you like something, you don't need to go that into that much detail as to why you like it. However, if there's something you don't like, you need to be thorough, because maybe you could say something to make what you found wrong not happen again. Especially, if you get enough people to back up your findings.

Such as for starters, some of the cumshots made me glad that I shot my load before the end of the scene. For some of the performers aren't cum-pigs. They were times when I saw performers dreading that load in their face, and it bugged me. Maybe because when I'm in that position, I look at a dick like I'm looking down the barrel of a gun that you actually want to see go off in your face. But since some of the performers are not such cum-pigs, they shouldn't be put in that position. Therefore, if an actor is not such a cum-pig, then he should be take a cumshot to the body, or on the ass, but not the face. You see, as a past performer, I'm all about the performers showing a love for every second of what they do.

This brings me to the one scene that I spoke of in the earlier paragraph that did nothing for me. That scene being Scene 4 between Justin Tyler and Markell. Both guys started out as good-looking, but as the dialogue began with them playing the all too common roles of the nasty-talking Black brute fucking the White bottom with low enough self-esteem to allow himself to be verbally belittled, those good looks faded fast for me. And I believe that because one or both performers weren't comfortable playing those roles, the scene lacked chemistry. Lacking chemistry where Justin Tyler seemed to just go through the motions and actually uninterested, therefore glad when it was over. And that made me feel the exact same way about that scene....glad it was over. Maybe some can look at that scene as "Mixxxed Nuts, Vol. 2" having something for everyone. But the "Black brute/White submissive bottom" scenario is so overdone that it ca. Besides, it has never been repeatedly sexy except to the emotionally depraved anyway.

I did not see the 1st  "Mixxxed Nuts", but the trailer for me gave one promise that made it more appealling to me than an overwhelming number of interracial videos out here today by its promise of "Black on White and White on Black". For this, I think "Mixxxed Nuts, Vol 1" would have earned a higher rating than what I will end up giving Vol. 2.

In watching the trailer for Vol.2, I got concerned. WHERE'S THE WHITE ON BLACK?! I was disappointed to see no White guys topping Black guys. Even the Parisians I was with were bothered by this.
I was hoping that once I saw the movie in its entirety that I would see a White guy topping a Black guy. You saw brief moments of Black on Black and White on White, but no such luck with seeing a White top/Black bottom. And for that, "Mixxxed Nuts, Vol. 2" score get a bit lower for me, because this is how it didn't have something for everyone wanting to see interracial porn. Those of us who have bettered themselves from the believed sexual roles of Black and Whites in gay sex were left out here.

I wonder, was the decision to not have any Whites topping Blacks in Vol. 2 based on a supposed outcry from viewers of Vol. 1? If so, in addition to the advice that I gave an anonymous porn producer who commented on a past post of mine about how porn directors need to get to a sex party to see what draws a crowd, and how White guys topping Black guys is one of them, I have this advice for FlavaWorks:

If you're listening to these people who complain about seeing Whites guys top Blacks guys, then you are listening to the babbling of fuckin' idiots who are a lot less powerful than they make you believe as to how much they contribute to the profit you'll make. That's why they do such loud over-compensate. You guys are artists, so go with your gut.
And FlavaWorks' intial gut reaction was to live up to the title "Mixxxed Nuts" with sweet White holes making nut from Black poles, and sweet Black holes making nut from White poles, because....THAT'S WHEN IT'S MIXXXED NUTS. And I believe that should be the selling point of the entire series. They did it with Vol. 1, but not with Vol. 2. I hope they'll take my advice here and do so should they make a Vol. 3.

And FlavaWorks, if you use that rhyme about the "holes and poles", I want a marketing job.

In my last video review, I hadn't come up with a definite system or unit of measure yet to show my feelings for the quality of a movie. I think I've now decided on both now. The unit of measure will be "cum-loads", and my system will be that I'll take the number of scenes, and rate the movie based on how many of those scenes you are getting you're money worth on.

With that system in place, "Mixxxed Nuts, Vol. 2" has 5 scenes, so the highest number of cum-loads is 5. Scene 4 caused me to bust no nut AT ALL, that's -1 cum-load.
For the looks of dreading the facial cumshot, that's - .25
Now, considering how strongly I feel about the lack of White tops/Black bottom combos, I could easily give "Mixxxed Nuts, Vol. 2" another -1 cum-load. BUT I will admit that it made up for it with the groupings in the other 4 scenes making for some PRETTY FUCKIN' HOT SEX. So for that, I'll say -.5

So with all that I pointed out as wrong, the good in this movie earned it 3.25 out of 5 cum-loads. That's not bad. I believe I gave some good advice, and I hope it is taken to heart, as it will definitely bring up my rating should there be a "Mixxxed Nuts, Vol. 3".

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