Friday, May 28, 2010

Asian Sensations Helped Make ME

After reading and posting a comment to a recent interview with Guy Tang on MOC Blog, I took a look at myself and realized that while I am passionate about erasing the idea of certain ethnicities having specific sexual roles, I'm just a tad more passionate about erasing the misconceptions about Asians. The question is "why?"

I always say that a lot of our problems can be alleviated by taking a good look at ourselves, and the paths our lives have taken, and realize how those paths effected our thinking. While it's not me saving the world, I did that very thing in figuring out why I seemed a tad more passionate about making people aware of how sexy Asian men are. Part of it is because in American gay culture, Asians are looked upon as being even less sexy than Black men, which makes them the underdog, and I'm always for the underdog. But another reason I'm more passionate is because in that revelation, I realized that a great deal of my sexual identity and the "Tré Xavier" pesona is due to my encounters with Asian men.

My most faithful readers know that I lost my virginity in a 5-man orgy that consisted of 3 White guys, an Asian, and myself. BUT of those other 4 guys in that orgy, while I was supposed to have sex with one of the White guys, it was his Asian boyfriend with whom I lost my virginity to. And you know what they say,...."You never forget your first."

And I most definitely haven't which is why I had to blog about an unexpected reunion with him. Also, when I ran into him again recently at a Bana Pool Party, when he said he wanted me to go home with him, I was damn tempted to blow off my responsibilities as a volunteer, and spend the rest of the night flip-fucking him until the sun came up and a few hours beyond.

Another highlight in my sexual identity where Asian men contributed was because of my blog post, "Asian Studs - Still Ignored Damnit!". All of the big name gay porn blogs covered it including Fleshbot, Gay Porn Times, and The Sword. That's how my name got out of the ethnic genre for studios, and was the beginning of making me the controversial blogger I am in their eyes today....and I wouldn't change a thing about. After all, someone needed to tell the truth, when no one else would, so here I am.

At the time I wrote that post, the bombardment that we were (and still are getting) from gay media of how "white is right" was really getting on my nerves more so than usual. So I started having flashbacks to the non-Whites I had been with. Since Latinos are way more tolerated and used as a means for a studio to not seem racist, I did focus much on the Latinos in my past. Like I said, I go for the underdog, which meant the sexiness of the guy I lost my viriginity to, the Asians who were phenominal sex partners at sex parties that I mentioned on my old blog, the one Asian go-go boy that I wrote about one year before "Asian Studs - Still Igonred, Damnit!", and one guy I dated briefly before ever getting into porn. All of them Asians who have a brand of sex appeal that the American gay media seems hellbent on ignoring the prowess of.

The sexiness of the guy I briefly dated was shown in my both times I had sex with him. The 1st time, a few years ago, after we briefly dated, we became friends. He did however offer for us to be "friends-with-benefits", but I lied to him and myself saying that it would ruin things. Because the truth is....I wanted to get naked with him. Some time later, by chance,we saw each other at the club Avalon, which has recently become a mall. We were walking around just after they opened the dancefloor on one of the upper floors. He looked over at a stairway, and said, "It looks like an alley, maybe they meant for it to look that way."

The next thing I knew, he was rubbing my chest. I started rubbing his, then he went off into this bathroom without saying a word, or even giving a signal. I deliberated with myself about how to react for about 30 seconds to a minute. I then decided that if he wanted a suck or fuck, I was going to finallly give in. So I went in behind him. Once in the bathroom, he asked me, "Do you have a condom?"

I reached in my pocket and gave it to him. Never getting to taste his dick, he put on the condom, and let my ass have it. Surprisingly, hard as he fucked me letting out all that pent-up tension I caused by denying him my ass sooner, he didn't come. He in fact told me to stop grinding my ass on his dick like I do when I bottom, because it was going to make him come then he would have to go home. So I let him get his bang out until he was pleased as he could get without shooting a load. Afterwards, I gave in to the ass-man in me, and with his telling me "Thank you", I got behind him squatted down, and kissed both ass cheeks. Smooth cheeks I've been wanting to see for so long, were finally bare, and I was not about to let the chance get away of seeing them up close.

The 2nd encounter was months after. He called me up after not speaking for awhile, and revealed that he was moving back to Hong Kong at the end of the year. When he realized I had never been to his apartment, he invited me over for dinner and a movie. I wasn't sure if sex was to be included, but I prepped myself anyway. We did dinner. He cooked. And during dinner, once he mentioned that he had been going to the beach and he has a tan, and I'll see it later, that was the sign that me prepping myself was a smart move.

He had me model some underwear that he was also wearing, we took them off, and he fucked me on the bed. There was a big mirror angled where you could see the bed. And he told me to keep looking at it. He didn't have to tell me anything, because besides the sensation of his Scorpion cock sliding in and out my hole (remember my thing for water signs), I was getting turned on by watching his beautiful ass go up and down, with the ass muscles flexing as he thrust into me. After he came, he pulled out the condom filled with his man-milk (which is another kink of mine that I may get into in the future). The sight of it made me want to fuck some more. But instead of requesting him to regain his strength from the workout he had just put on my ass, he threw the condom away and came back to bed so we could watch a movie.

In regards to body hair, I can go for a variety of men. However, there is something about the smoothness of Asian men's skin that while too many show ignorance by claiming that their natural state of having little body hair emasculates them, it makes my cock rock-hard thinking back to all those previously mentioned escapades with Asian men. Loving the wet slick ride my hands had rubbing against their skin when they worked up a sweat from fucking,  the few times I've seen them go-go dancing, or from a nice shower with them. I'm not saying that Asian men are my favorite, for every ethnicity has some physcial trait that I have great admiration for. It's just that in Asian men, touching that smooth skin is theirs.

Now the main idea of this whole post is to point out just how sexy Asian men really are, and how it's overlooked. Well, let me point out that idea of angling a mirror just right to see the action on the bed was an idea that I took with me when I moved into my last place in Jersey City. In fact, that mirror was in place with the French hottie, and the Swedes that I brought there. An Asian sensation contributing to my sexual growth and prowess yet again.

America needs to wake up and not sleep on what Asians can do sexually. After all, if you take into consideration how many acts in Asian culture come from the belief in stimulating the mind. And many a psychologist with tell you that the brain is the most erogenous part of the body. So it takes a foolish culture to ignore another culture of men when such a thought process is embedded in them early on in their sexual development and awareness.

I believe this post shows that I am one of the exceptions to how foolish Americans are in regards to recognizing the sex appeal Asian men can produce.


  1. lordy--that was one hot blog - lol - Guy posted the link on his page - and needless to say we both agree. I even have to say - that short vid was hot,...but sadly that is one of the very few of hot masculine Asian guys,...I am always bummed more Asian guys dont published in video - and I think u r right one - that many dont want to deal with the b.s. You should hit up Guy Tang and JefFierce on Facebook,..I can imagine they have something to say, does Ryan, Shane, Peter, Jay, Jeremy,...and more

    Thanks for the good words.

  2. Hi Ken,

    I actually started writing about Asian sex appeal because of seeing Jeremy Tang go-go dance at Splash Bar here in NY. We connected shortly after. I haven't spoke to him in quite awhile, so he's probably unaware of me getting rid of my porn first name, and me now using my legal first name.

    And Guy actually hit me up after I tagged him in a Twitter posting, and we're now Facebook friends. So I'm aware as to how you got word of this post. In fact, because of Guy posting it, this blog post has been getting hits from Asian nations all over the world and various cities in the U.S. all day. So much so that I've had more hits to my blog today than ever before. That's why I say Asian male sex appeal is extremely underrated here in the U.S. There are guys wanting more of it, but the porn industry isn't catering to the simplest law of economics - SUPPLY & DEMAND.

    And to be honest, I've posted many porn videos in blog posts over time, and I believe that video has to be MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE. I actually jerked-off again to it today. I'm versatile, but I soooo wanted to be that bottom. ;-)

  3. hahaha,..that is one of my favs,...for sure,..the other is one called thai leather or something and these two hot muscled guys go at it. but yeah Guy is freekn awesome,..did u see the vid of him and Peter ? Its called #13 in his vids on his page. - am major jazzed Guy posted this link!! thanks for the eye candy!

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