Saturday, May 15, 2010

HELP ME Help OURsceneTV Cover Racism!

Around this time last month, I put a posting on OURsceneTV's Facebook page frustrated over how so many gay clichés are highlighted by them, instead of deep matters that pull us apart, namely "racism". That posting and their response inspired my post, "The Ugly Truth Of Racism Seen As Part Of OUR Scene?". One response I got to this post made me feel I was on to something when Jessica Ransom, who has worked for OURsceneTV in the past, told me that before my post, she had been shopping the idea for them to cover the issue of racism in the LGBT community. Since that response, me and Jessica have became Facebook friends, and our blogs are in each other's blog list.

Well, I am pleased to tell you that this past Wednesday, Jessica announced on Facebook that she is now producing a piece for OURsceneTV on Racism in the LGBT Community, and she needs our help. So maybe, just maybe, while Jessica originally lit the fuse to have OURsceneTV address this issue, I might have said something to help the fuse along to make this story idea explode into much needed fruition.

With that possibility and friendship in mind, I feel it is my responsibility to let you know that she is by no means lying when she says that she needs our help. Because she is especially in need of gay males for her piece to interview. So far, I am her only Black male subject, and she has no White males, and she wants ALL RACES to interview for this piece. If you are in the NY Metropolitan Area, please read her note that I copied and pasted below, and contact her, or else her piece will only talk about racism in the lesbian community. And with all the posts that I have written on this matter, we know racism in the gay community is NOT only a lesbian problem. RACISM IS A PROBLEM THAT HAS HALTED THE BETTERING OF THE LGBT COMMUNITY AS A WHOLE. AND IT WON'T START TO BE ERADICATED UNTIL WE TALK ABOUT IT.

With that in mind, guys please...let's be MEN and put a rainbow of faces on this issue by telling our experiences, be those experience first-hand or second-hand. PLEASE READ HER NOTE AND REPLY TO HER ASAP. THANK YOU.

Her note reads:

Ourscenetv covers "Racism in the LGBT Community" and needs your help!!!

Hello LGBT Family!
I am producing a story about "Racism in the LGBT Community" for (OSTV). This piece will be an in-depth look into a very "taboo" subject in the LGBT community! Honestly, our community loves to talk about Parties, Pride, and Gay Marriage.....BUT, what about racism?! Is the LGBT community racist? Have you experienced any racism in the gay community?

In this piece, I will not lecture or take a moral stance, I just want to create awareness about this topic and have people tell their stories!

Here are some of the questions I will be asking.............
What does the word "racism" mean to you?
Explain any acts of racism that you have dealt with inside the LGBT community.
Explain any techniques do you think the LGBT community has used to improve race relations in the last few years.
Do you feel racism is even an issue in the gay community?
Do you feel the LGBT community is racist as a whole? Why or Why not?
What do you think of when you see an interracial couple?
What challenges do you think most interracial couples have to face in the LGBT community?
Would you date outside of your race? Why or Why not?

***I also might have a roundtable discussion for this topic as well!! BTW, I also need more GAY men for this story too, please feel free to forward this email to anyone that might want to talk about this topic!**

Anyway, please get back to me if you are interested in discussing your direct experiences with racism OR if you just want to talk about this subject with! ALL ARE WELCOME HERE!! You do NOT have to have direct experiences with racism to be in this video!
 And if you don't know....About or OSTV, the first Internet Television Network to offer all-original, LGBT focused lifestyle and entertainment programming. We are a cutting edge video guide, serving as an insider's resources for metropolitan trendsetters who consistenly seek out what's new and what's hot in New York City and Los Angeles. Our Emmy-Award winning staff professionally produces our entire lineup of bite-sized, broadcast quality videos that feature celebrity profiles, entertainment news, nightlife highlights, musical performances, event coverage and more. If you have time, please check us out -

And here are just some of the past stories I have produced for OSTV:
Lesbian Relationships:

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Holiday Gift Guide:

Please contact me here,, if you want to take part in this story on either.......
 On Facebook,

Thanks for all your help,
Jessica L. Ransom

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