Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dumb Sell-Out Mo-Fo

My final tweet from this past Wednesday night was as follows:
TreXavier is going to check out Ass Wednesday @The Urge. Let me sit back and see if it's another racist crowd tonight.

Originally, it was an idea to possibly have me proven wrong, and see a Black guy enter the contest and win, even if that Black guy was me. Maybe my pscyhic ability made me write that, because the Black guys who entered (including myself) did not win.

Here's a quick rundown of the contest and the crowd:

There are 2 rounds, then an "Ass-off".
During the 1st round, the bar was filled with more men of color and older men. For whatever reason, White men seem to wise up to showing their love for the beauty of color in their older years. This made me think that while the guys from Round 1 inlcuded 2 White guys, the other guy who was Black with a nice round ass that Black men are known for stood a chance. Of the 2 White guys we had one older with a big, but flat ass, and the other was an Italian with a nice, plump ass. As it turned out....even against the Italian with the juicy ass, the Black guy won the 1st round.

After seeing this, I figured with my ass, it would be me against the Black guy from Round 1 in the "Ass-Off". But during the break between the rounds, the crowd changed from the men of color and older men to being filled more and more with a bunch of uppity Chelsea queenie-types. This shows why I hate bar contests with wins based on the audience, because the slightest change in patronage can ruin your initial expectation. Anyway with my competition in Round 2 being a flat-assed skinny White guy, you would think I had a shot. Right? WRONG! I lost to him, then because of that overload of uppity Chelsea queens the Black guy from Round 1 lost to that flat-ass-having skinny White boy in the "Ass-Off".

After the contest, anyone not living in denial of the racism plaguing the gay community could see that race was these people's deciding factor, and I thought with the Black patrons sitting near the stage talking about it that I actually had some people who I could listen and/or give testimonial to. It turns out these Black guys were actually debating amongst each other, because one of them was in denial of the racism. The author of TheBlackoutBlog asked in a tweet if this Black guy was light-complexioned. Good point, because then his naiveté may have been understandable to some degree. However the truth is, his complexion was the darkest of us all. And that's not meant to be insulting. It is the fact that added fuel to my anger over his voicing such impudence.

Therefore, this is meant to be insulting by way of being true....
This idiot went on to say, "It's a known fact that White men don't like a fat asses."

Oh, really?! Is this guy that fuckin' stupid?!
How many times has Michael Lucas made his White models arch their back for a pic so that their asses looks as plump and juicy as the Black guys he had refused to cast before this Recession. How many times has one of his many nemesis' Brent Corrigan done the same trick for a photo? How many times over the years have we not seen that trick in photospreads of White models for Honcho, Men, Mandate, Playgirl, Unzipped, etc.? How many times have non-Black porn actors/actresses become suspect to having implants to make an ass that may even outdo the plumpness Blacks are known for in order to please studios that want that kind of ass, but not on a Black actor?
The answer to all of those questions....

You see I can easily pull out pics of these guys to show they may have nice asses, but not nearly as great as they seem in these pics because of an arched back and other means. Yet, notice their is no arch in my back in the photo of me above. Therefore, that picture is the all natural curvature of my ass from a profile view.

Anyway, this Black male, (by no means a man if he is this delusional), really needs to pull his head out of his ass, and see the real world that he claims he's a part of. Yes, early on in the argument, I asked him, "What world are you living in?"

He replied with his effeminate accent, "The reeeal wooorld."

Well, let me tell you Sir Deny-A-Lot....I-BEG-TO-DIFFER!

Once he made his claim of how he works in the corporate world, I knew right there that he was clueless. Because people who pride themselves on what they see of people in the corporate world live by the stereotypical rules of White culture, which is to be book-smart, believing that book-smarts is all you need to make you smart about life, when time and time again, that theory can be proven wrong. That doesn't justify the stereotypical rule of Black culture, which is to be street smart. The fact is you need a combination of the two, and this guy did not have it if he was to make such statements. The problem that enables this Black male's denial is the fact that the White people in the corporate world accept him because of his book-smarts, and are more than happy at his lack of smarts about life that make him blind to their racist views.

He tried saying it's a preference like my being versatile makes me not take up with a boyfriend who is a total top or total bottom. He said it's about what you want it bed. I told him that he can't compare the different mindsets that drives the 2 different scenarios. I also told him that once you set in your mind as to what features make a body part beautiful, if you choose a person your own color who lacks those features, over someone who does have those features but with a dfferent shade of skin, then you are a racist. The fact is that like both me and his friend told him that if you put me or the other Black contestant's ass with that fullness and roundness that a Black ass is known for on a White boy or person of lighter color than ours, those snobbish White faggots that later came into the bar would've been all over it. But since ours weren't covered by White skin, they did an action that said, "since it's not light, then it's not right". So even though it was only an ass contest, it's a sign of a bigger problem this Black male refused to admit to.

I've said in the past that this is a change in the gay community here in New York City, because I used to win that contest (or at least make it to the "Ass-Off") often. It's been the last couple of years that I've seen this racism that this Black person is in such denial of. So my annoyance this time is not losing the contest because of the racism. I expected that, and am over it. It was the unexpected denial of this Black person of the racism that surrounds him.

He was one of those types that like to talk over you, when you are having your say. I told him about my racist past, what motivated it, and the look at myself that made those feelings come undone. In the midst of this, he interrupted throwing in the age-old excuse that I didn't love myself was why I didn't like Black guys at one time. With my self-assured attitude, I'm sure you know nothing could be further from the truth. I corrected him by telling him that while I've always loved myself, I grew up around the stereotypical "thug" image, and found it in no way sexy, but I looked at myself and took note that I'm not a thug and I'm a Black man that is sexy as all hell and knows his self-worth, so there must be more like me.

Most people who interrupt the way he did, don't do it because they're right. It's because they need to convince not only you, but themselves as well of whatever bullshit their trying to sell. So they try to drown out your display of a superior intellect in the situation. Since I'm not dumb enough to be his spouse, unfortunate enough to be his child, or fucked up enough as his parents might have been to allow him to think being this rude was acceptable, I made it clear that for me his interruptions were unacceptable. It got to a point that I told him, "LISTEN! Let me talk and tell you why I feel the way I do, respond!"

Since (1)I don't like have to talk this way to supposed adults, and (2) I was actually trying to get close to the Italian from Round 1, since we were checking each other out before the contest even started, I told this guy that I was no longer having this discussion. I turned away from him and went to the Italian, who I later spent 8 hours in a 3-some with him and a Romanian. A 3-some with 3 uncut cocks of guys living in NYC. What are the odds? I would tell that tale, but because of the overall events of the night, I had to prioritize, and tell of this dumb Black sell-out mother fucker whose ignorance almost ruined my night instead.

The problem with sell-outs is that their living in denial doesn't hurt their entire ethnic community as much as it hurts themselves by their lack of knowledge. And this guy is in for a rude awakening one day. My initial thought of his denial was that it was his away of avoiding showing any sign of suffering from what racially insensitive White people want to call "Angry Black Man Syndrome". And in the corporate world that he alleges he's part of, I'm sure there's a great many of that brand of White people there that he must put up that appearance for. I'm not saying he has to be angry, because in spite of what I write here, I am not an angry Black man. Only racially insensitive White and non-Whites in denial of racism will see me as much. However, I am damn sure a socially aware one, and THAT is what I pride myself on, and what he needs to do as well.

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