Monday, September 14, 2009

On Racist Blast: NYC's Go-Go Dancing Scene

I've often have said recently in my posts regarding the racism in the gay porn industry that you can only look at the same type of White guys fuck but so many times before it becomes boring. That is unless you have lowered your existence to being a creature of habit. Well, the same goes for go-go boys. You can only see the same type of White guys but so many times before the White asses and crotches get boring. And the problem in New York City right now, is that bars, clubs, and party promoters acts as if White boys are all that exist as signs of what is beautiful and sexy in this city. They may however throw in some light-skinned Latinos or if you're lucky enough to see a Black dancer there, he's always muscled-up - never a simply toned physique like you will find on some White dancers. In other words - AGAIN, NO VARIETY.

Splash Bar in NY is definitely one place that is guilty of this racist hiring of dancers. Even on their so-called Black and Latino night where you can find a Latino go-go boy with a toned physique, but with a Black dancer, it has to be obvious that they hit the gym hard. This racist perception while hiring dancers is not limited only to Splash Bar. Other culprits include The Urge, and g Lounge. And if it's not the bars responsible, then there are way too many party promoters that I can list who contribute to this problem.

And yes, I did use the word, "problem". Considering the fact that one hires a go-go boy to be eye-candy for the crowd in their bar, club, and/or party, if your patronage is the gorgeous variety of colors and ethnicities that make up New York City, then isn't it only right that you put that gorgeous variety on display for them. Instead, what they present to you is the result of their stereotypical gay behavior of self-absorption by showing their redneck hick mentality that they didn't lose when they came to the melting-pot mecca that is suppose to be New York City. "Suppose to be" because the migration of those redneck hicks is making New York no longer the symbol of variety it once was.

I ask you, isn't this sight old already? I believe it is, because I'm seeing go-go boys make less and less in tips. That is unless they act like hustlers about getting them the way some do at The Urge or Macho Mondays @Nowhere.

One of the things that brought this problem to my attention was how often I get asked why am I not dancing. This has been asked of me from not only strangers (who may be using a line), but also patrons who know me from parties of promoters that I have danced for in the past, and most recently from of all people - an actual dancer while he's on the bar. He's was actually trying to set me up to talk to the manager, then I had to break the news that shocked him of how I had already been there, and done that. I'm sure I get asked this because I'm quite well-maintained. However, due to the racist perception of the promoter or manager, my simply toned body combined with my Black skin makes me unqualified to so much as apply, which may also contribute to the problem for many other toned-physiqued Blacks besides myself.

This racist perception has gone on for so long that just like in the porn industry, many Blacks who could do well as a go-go boy, but whose perfectly fine physiques don't fit that limiting perception don't even apply because they feel, "why bother?". Thereby, showing a justified lost of faith in the hiring process.

It is sad that New York City has become segregated within itself this way, where if you want to see White, you don't have to look too far AND you get a variety of body types to choose from. However, if you want to see Blacks - go here and/or wait until this 1 night of the week and it's muscled-up only; if you want to see Latinos - go here; and if you want Asians, travel all the way over to The Web. It is unseemly that unless you are one of the racist midwestern mindsets that have migrated to New York in recent years, that you should have to wait or travel far at all within the city for your non-White eye candy.

Is it just me, or do you find this incredibly unfair? I've gotten to the point with it where I don't tip a buck out of admiration, I tip a buck to the dancers so that they would move the fuck on with their all-too-common look. Ones that are not too common are the ones that get a dollar and then some, unless I'm in a charitable mood to the ones that act like hustlers. I mean there are so many White guys that if you line them up by torso and crotches, you can't them apart unless they have a defining tattoo.

For example, these are not 3 pictures of 1 guy in different go-go gear. They are 3 different go-go dancers at the same party taken on the same night. AND 2 of the 3 look like whoever hired them has a Brent Corrigan fixation. If these promoters and managers would ethnically mix up their dance staff, maybe you could tell them apart better. Nor should I be able to use as an example of how with those having these all-too-common looks, while I may tip with a smile on my face, the real thought going on in my head goes more like this:

"Oh another one of you, what a shocker. Uh, here's a buck so you can move the fuck out of the way, so I can make eye contact with that slim Black guy across from me. You see, he's has a beauty that hasn't been shoved down my throat by gay media to admire. I like my men that way. Because the fact that he has allowed himself to just be slim, and not become a gym-rat is what makes him one step closer than you to being the embodiment of a REAL man.... NEXT!"

It's things like racism that (as racism always does) contribute to a lost of luster. One that in this case dulls NYC gay nightlife. The many non-Whites in this city get no decent amount of representation of their beauty by way of eye candy like go-go dancers. Furthermore, I hate the fact that when out-of-towners ask me where to go hang out, with one of my criterias being eye candy, that I have very little to recommend because the go-go boy scene is no where near being as diverse as it should be. If this continues, then NYC gay nightlife will one day have about as much luster as a burned out charcoal briquette. That is if it doesn't already.

To managers and promoters, I believe that's your cue to get it fixed, so New York City nightlife can start having a REAL shine once again.


  1. Trey, i agree with what you are saying. i have seen the same lack of diversity not only in nyc but other places, like zigfields/secrets complex in DC. That being said, I know party promoters in your fair city as well and I believe that they are trying to give their party clients what they think they want. Personally, i believe that variety is the spice of life. where are my middle eastern, indian, and asian/pacific islander go go boys of any size - muscular/toned/etc? we as a community are certainly not immune to the effects of racist thought and attitudes... but its through honest and open discussions like this that we can start to find resolution.

  2. I was at the contest and didn't hear any "cries of racism" and it appeared to me that the other dancers were mostly non-"white". Also, I know the Monster primarily hires go-gos of color who, unfortunately, can't dance and, imo, I think they need to diversify and bring in men of different "persuasions" who can dance.

  3. Anonymous #2,

    I REALLY wish you would use a name. I hate anonymous comments because they make the poster seem to have a lack of conviction in what they say. And you made some valid points that I would like to address.

    Such as, in response to one of your comments, NO, there were not any "cries of racism" your ears. A good number approached me after the contest venting their feelings of racism being at play.

    And yes, most of the contestants were Latino. And I will not be surprised if the one White contestant is gone before the finals. The last time they did that contest, all of the final contestants were Latino. And I do NOT feel the best dancer won. Instead , the guy with the most muscles won.

    It is for this reason that I rarely tip go-go boys anymore. I don't frequent The Monster enough to compare, but at places like The Urge and Splash, the go-go dancers are NOT dancers, but "boys" - they're just moving muscleheads. Some are so rhythmically-challenged that they can't even sway with the rhythm of the music.

    I believe go-go dancers are suppose to ignite a fantasy of being great in bed because of their rhythmic prowess. Therefore, to me Lack Of Rhythm = Lousy a top or bottom.

    And in the few times I've had sex with guys who are rhythmically-challenged, that suspicion has been tested and confirmed as CORRECT.


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