Sunday, September 13, 2009

Write That Down #5

I felt the need to write this thought down, because it best explains the reason why I felt the need to start my category of "On Racist Blast":

I don't really see color when seeing beauty, but the fact is that at some point in the day, one must look in the mirror. Think about it - if you look in the mirror, and with all the signs in advertising and club and bar eye candy presented to you, you then realize when you look in the mirror that your reflection is the 1st (and maybe even the only) time you've seen your skin color thought of as "beautiful" all day. For some who are without a strong degree of self-esteem, because you had to say it to yourself, this may wear down your spirit. So I say this to re-affirm those who have been put in doubt of how their non-White skin can be just as (if not more) beautiful than the media attempts to portray White skin to be.


  1. Yup, there's absolutely nothing wrong with liking any skin color for the visual aesthetic, it's only when you start putting biased meanings on those skin colors that becomes it becomes a problem. Clearly, everyone recognizes differences, but skin color, whether your own or not should be appreciated the same way you look at say a red or blue shirt. You may like one or both, but it's essentially what's underneath that is the important thing. And yes, it's okay to look at yourself in the mirror and have good self esteem and appreciate the totality of who you are as an individual.

  2. When one bleeds, it is a purplish-red. When one bruises, it is a deep blue. One one cries, the tears are translucent. When one cums, we see a milky white. When one's heart is broken, there is no color and when one loves, there are all colors. One's skin color seems to me to be inconsequential.


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