Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Pregnant "Man"? B.S.

After so many blog entries, I have covered a variety of subject matters. This is one however that I was a bit more hesitant than usual to tackle because my statements may be found extremely insulting to some people I actually know. I know it has been covered massively in mainstream media, but due to my recent inability to keep up with the gay media, I'm unaware as to whether or not anyone else has been bold enough to not live their lives as bobble-head dolls, and take on this issue within the gay media.

The subject matter is about this pregnant "man". I may have started the insult already just by placing the word "man" in quotes, and I will explain my reason for that soon enough. But first, I must make clear my stand on transsexuals and transgender people.

I am aware that there are some people who are born with both male and female body parts, known as hermaphrodites. To my knowledge, in the case of hermaphrodites, one gender is practically always more dominant than the other. Therefore parents with the depth to love their child without being hung up on a specific gender will choose to have that child operated on to make them that dominant gender. Or they may choose to let the child grow up and figure out for themselves what they want to be. In situations like this, I am supportive of transgender individuals.

Transgender people like this pregnant "man" however DO NOT have my support. I in no way support someone taking their God-given 100% male or 100% female body, and buying into some wanna-be-god doctor's sales pitch of how they can undo one's nature, and make them the opposite. This pregnant "man" is a clear and indisputable display as to how that is complete B.S. If these doctors could really make this happen, then this and all transgender "men" would not have a uterus. They would produce their own sperm, thereby father their own children. And if these doctors were such miracle workers for transgender "women", then these "women" would produce eggs, become impregnated, and have periods. But we all know none of this is the case.

This is the only place within this entry that is totally my opinion. I see these kind of transgender people as copping out from being called homosexuals. Some of you may make the same claim about me calling myself bisexual, and in my defense, I will remind you that at least I have enough backbone to say I am a bisexual who is a lot more homo than hetero. Now as for my opinion, we should all take pride in God's artwork in making us whatever gender we were born as. I personally have no intention to try undoing nature's artwork of making me a male and giving me a penis. Even taking note of my degree of homosexuality making me yearn to be entered from time to time by a man, I wouldn't dare to say in word or action that "nature screwed up" to the extent that I would show extreme naivete enough to believe some "doctor", a mere mortal being, can undo nature and make it "right".

Besides that last paragraph, if anyone takes offense to anything I have said on this matter, I could care less. Because my stand on this issue is not based on my opinion. It is based on undeniable facts. Therefore, those offended by my statements who make their being offended known will just clearly show themselves to be those who can't handle the truth. And to that I will remind you, that this is not the first time, and it most certainly will not be the last time I piss many off by hitting them with the truth.

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