Friday, April 25, 2008


A friend of mine told me that he doesn't read blogs because he sees them as a form of narcissism, hence why the title is in quotes. That statement and his actions that accompany that statement actually made me question our friendship. One of those actions being that when he sees an email from my regular address he reads it, but when it comes from my website, he doesn't. None of my other friends require me to make some special concessions like that. They respect my ability to well-word my point of view, and find out what I'm up to if I can't update them personally. And because those friends give me that respect, I REFUSE to make an exception just for this one person. However, since this entry addresses his issue, I will cater to that rule of his this 1 TIME - AND IT WILL NEVER BE MADE AGAIN.

Some of you may ask, if he's not going to read it, then why send it? The answer is simple. As many of you loyal readers know, my blog is more than just about porn, and my sexual escapades. It's also about what I learn from those escapades, as well as my observations about the gay community, and more importantly - humanity overall. And it is those blog entries that I email to him. Entries that can enlighten him just as I try to enlighten all of my friends, and just as they have enlightened many of you. I email them to him with the hope that he'll stop that narrow-minded and dangerously limiting perception that generalizes all bloggers, and take heed to the knowledge I'm willing to share.

What is dangerous about that perception that blogging equals narcissism is the fact that people need an outlet. Blogging can serve as some people's need to vent their emotions and frustrations so that those feelings don't reach a violent level by staying buried inside the individual. And I don't mean just violent towards others, but to themselves as well. Violence towards themselves because believing blogging is a form of narcissism makes blogging appear to be wrong.

Hmmmm! Is it just me, or does that sounds a lot like what some say about homosexuality that makes people commit suicide when they realize they're gay like I almost did?

Therefore, that viewpoint makes one another part of the problem at helping people to become content with themselves. So my protest against that thinking "blogging=narcissism" is to save others from being on that same thin ledge I was living on. And not just for their sexuality's sake, but anything eating at them. I blog to inspire as many people as I possibly can to come in off that ledge, or (even better) walking nowhere near that ledge.

I will admit there are some bloggers who blog simply for the sake of saying "I'm a full of it nigger-shit bitch who needs to believe the world revolves around what I say and do here on this blog." My loyal readers know me to be better than that, and my closest friends should definitely know me well enough that I should not be lumped into that loathsome pile that includes the likes of Perez Hilton ( a lard ass sloppily fat off the misery of envying thereby exploiting others).

Due to my self-awareness that my blogging was not out of narcissism, I initially found that point of view of blogging=narcissism to be quite insulting. And it put our friendship in jeopardy even more so because he wasn't only insulting me, but my friends who blog as well. Now, if my tales of Igor and Tyson Cane didn't make it clear enough - narcissists are creatures unfit to exist in my circle of friends. In addition, I've matured to the point that I allow one's negative words about me for the most part roll off my back, but my friends - who I look upon as being my extended family are not to be insulted. Therefore, belittling their contribution to the artistry of writing by claiming their having a blog makes them narcissists sets me on some degree of a warpath. I'm proud of all of my friends for how they display their crafts (writing or otherwise), and I expect and demand that all my friends respect them for that craft as well.

With that in mind, to curb my temper, I have resolved myself to the sentiment that if he doesn't open the email, it will be his lost at being enlightened. And his lost will continue to be as it has been - all of your gain. So I THANK YOU WHOLEHEARTEDLY for your continued support.

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  1. I'm not trying to make myself out to be any more important than anyone else with something of value to say - UNLIKE YOURSELF.
    If you really had something of value to say, then you would stand behind it by giving a name, instead of being a cowardly bitch about it. I've commented on blogs disagreeing with the likes of Michael Lucas, but I was still man enough to leave my name.
    Furthermore, if I ruin Page 1 of a Google search for you, that's you own mental instability and lack of understanding towards artists. Composers, writers, choreographers, etc. often have a message in their hearts when they create, and anyone who questions that or says something that can get in the way of that necessary venting makes themselves a questionable existence in that artist's life. So I present this option to you - either take heed of that truth, or continue living in your close-minded world.


I HIGHLY respect those willing to stand behind their comments with a name. So if you use "Anonymous" on a viewpoint that challenges mine, IT WILL BE DELETED. For your cowardice to not show yourself makes your viewpoint and you irrelevant.

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