Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My Tyson Cane Finale

I know that in past blog entries, I have written of my bad experiences with Tyson Cane that I was trying to repress. Even though I have yet to hear any negative feedback, I'm sure some readers past and present probably think of me as a sellout. The people who would think that are those who feel that being that there are few "bruthas" in the porn industry, we all should stick together.

And I believe we should, when they are more than just "bruthas", but actually brothers.

Because a real brother who is a director wouldn't make condescending comments to his models. Should I keep forcing back my violent reaction to verbal abuse to the point that it makes me physically ill? All for the sake of that "being true to my blackness" bullshit.

So to all those submissive fools I ask, at what cost should I be true to the "bruthahood"?

Should I lie by way of omission to up-and-coming performers about how he did not exhibit proper behavior? Should I keep forcing back my violent reaction to verbal abuse to the point that it makes me physically ill? All for the sake of that "being true to my blackness" bullshit.

What about me being true to the brotherhood of humanity?

And with that in mind, I thought it best to clear the air once and for all, as to what actually was the last straw in my dealing with Tyson Cane.

Some of you may recall, back in January, I wrote a blog entry entitled, "Guess What? Mommie Knows", in which I wrote about telling my Mom about my doing porn. In it, I recalled how I confided in Tyson Cane about my considering telling my mother about my doing porn. That part of the entry was as follows:

One day on the set of “The Interview”, I had a conversation with Tyson Cane and vented to him that I was coming close to telling my Mom about my doing porn. I say “vented” because I knew all along that I was going to tell her no matter what his advice was.

His advice was him asking me, why would I want to do that to her. Unless I was looking to get deeper involved in the industry, like as a director or having my own company, I shouldn’t tell her. Which I was considering at the time...

Now, put that to the side for a moment.

Because what I didn't tell you in that entry was what Tyson said to me after I told him I was considering directing or owning my own studio at some point.

His words to me were, "Can I tell you something? You're not aggressive enough."

He suggested that I do something online. In other words, he wanted me to stick to a medium where I couldn't be perceived as any real threat to him. Which didn't surprise me, because based on the fact that if I did have my own studio or direct, I would have a variety of races and nationalities that my 1st release alone would probably surpass the sales and rentals of all of his DVDs combined.

A few months later, I received my first copy of GayVN Magazine, which was the January 2007 issue. In it there was this article that took up half of the page:

The part that is highlighted is highlighted for a reason. It is the reason that caused my Tyson Cane finale. And I will magnify it and explain why it lead to my finale in the conclusion of this entry tomorrow.

Until then.....

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