Saturday, December 8, 2007

THANKS To The Humane

I thought I might have to do this when I told about the what I now refer to as "The Pierre Bitch Incident". So as to what I might need to say to my supporters, I was quite prepared.

I have gotten 3 comments here, 2 on my MySpace posting of the blog, and 1 on my DList posting. And I will name each and everyone of you by name, because your boldness to stand with me on this matter deserves way more than the acknowledgement I can give you here. But it is the least and best I can do for you, because as far as my belief goes, only God can do better. And although I know some of you are atheist, I'll still say, God bless you all.

First off, a friend of mine informed me that a blog was written in response to the incident on MenOf Color blog. I was very much surprised being how that was the first sign that my tale of enduring racism struck a chord enough for word of that person's inadequacy as a human being to spread.

Ka-os sent me a friend request on both my DList and MySpace profile, and since then we have had numerous and intellectual chats. And I sincerely hope to meet him face to face one day. Not only because he's tall with a face, body, lips, and ass I adore. But because he has a mind that I've come to adore as well, even when we don't agree on a matter. And that mind makes him even sexier. Check out what he had to say in my defense: Thanks, Babe.

Another cutie I have yet to meet in person on DList is RyanAnthony. I saw his pic, thought he was one of the many underrated studs in glasses, and clicked on his profile. What I discovered was a rather intelligent individual that I immediately wanted on my friends list. You see, you can get on my friends list by being only cute, but showing you have looks PLUS a brain, there will be no delay in me adding you. And I figured he wasn't a racist by accepting my friend request, but I was pleasantly surprised at how much he abhors racism by his comment to my blog:

"Fuck Pierre Fitch! "White people's skin feels better"!? Are you kidding me!?!?! Who is he, Thomas Jefferson!?!?!

The only "types" of guys I find completely unattractive are racist fuck-faces. Clearly, you handled the situation very well and did the right thing, beginning to end: bravo!"

No, BRAVO to you Ryan, for the depth of your convictions.

There's another cute Ryan I have to thank that's on MySpace. Check out my blog on MySpace to see his comment. What it will clearly show is that what makes guys hot besides a cute face and a hot bod is a great mind. That will definitely shine through on this Ryan, when you check out his comment first then his profile.

This is where we get personal with Anthony, Ben, and Rob.

Anthony and Ben's support hold a great deal of importance to me, because they are the past and present of the porn industry.

Anthony you may recall as former porn actor Tony Bishop, who has since became a good friend of mine. He doesn't comment on alot of my blogs, so to see that he felt the need t say anything at all means that what he read got to him, because he heard someone trying to tear his friend down. And to see that only strengthens our friendship.

Ben is Ben Marksman of Knight Stick Films. I wish more people that I know on some level personally who are presently within this industry showed some support. At least saying, "I'm sorry to hear that." Instead of taking the emotionless publicist stand and saying nothing like it never happened to protect their image and not seem biased, when being that this is about one's degree of humanity, one should be biased. I got enough of that reaction from the staff at Splash after the incident. Besides some studios casting practices show them to be biased enough. Falcon Studios, anyone? So it was refreshing to see someone who is presently in the industry show some degree of support. Thanks Ben, you are a rare find, and deserve many accolades for the depth of your humanity that outshines your so-called colleagues.

Lastly, we have Rob. Rob is a someone I have been talking to. And like all the other supporters I listed here, he's White. But considering his present position in my life as a caring friend, you know he has strong feelings of disgust about what happened to me. And the fact that he decided to put it online for you to see instead of just keeping those emotions between us means a lot.

I cherish my readers greatly. At first, I was hoping for more comments, but then my mother reminded me as to why I said I took pride in my writing. It's because I can be a voice for those who don't have a means to have a voice in any form of media. So if your silence is because you see me as a vessel to express the rage you have towards this problem that plagues our society, then I will continue on with pride and joy.

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