Friday, February 23, 2018

My Sweet 16 at CumUnion

February 9, 2002.

That was the day I went out to Splash Bar (now gone) in NYC, walked through the door, and all my years of trying to figure out if I was straight, gay, or bi finally came to a close. A close that made me realize that I was bisexual, but a lot more gay than straight. A discovery that made me ready and willing to have sex with a male, which I did just a few hours later. And since those few hours later came to be after midnight, the date of me losing my virginity is February 10, 2002.

That makes it now 16 years to the day of me coming out to myself, and losing my virginity. My Sweet 16, if you will. And Sweet 16s always get a celebration. So how did I celebrate mine?

Everyone has their way to celebrate such moments. I chose to go to the sex party, CumUnion.

Quite fitting to those of you who know I lost my virginity during a 5-man orgy. And I found my 1st playmate for the night before I even entered the party. In fact, even before I paid my entry fee.

I walked down the stairs of Paddles where the party was held, and as soon as I got down the last flight of stairs, I saw an older guy with thinning blond hair on the line to get in with one person in front of him. The guy appeared to be around my age. He gave me a quick grin to acknowledge me. Then as he waited for the person in front of him to pay and go in, he took that waiting time to take a few more quick glances at me to check me out. I didn't let on that I saw this, but I did the same to him. As I noticed his good looks and took note of what I could gather of his build in his winter jacket, the louder my sexual precognitive voice screamed to me about us, "Y'all 2 are gonna fuck!"

After checking in my clothes, I saw that guy walking around for a good 15 minutes. He was still looking at me, so by this point I knew for sure his gazes at me earlier were not my imagination. Then I went on a trip to explore the backroom. It was pretty dark, which I hate. So I went to the part of the backroom where there was more light. That's where I found him again, and he found me.

As soon as he saw me, he took my cock and started stroking it. I grabbed his ass. It was nice and smooth. He then turned his back to me. Grabbing my dick for me to put it in. Earlier when my inner-voice told me that we'd fuck, it didn't make aware if I would be a top or bottom. As far as I'm concerned, it could have gone either way, but I was getting my answer at that point. Telling me that I'm going to be a top.

My cock went inside him, and his ass jiggled with each of my thrust. His ass felt great. We drew a small crowd from our moans and the slaps of my crotch against his booty. I didn't come, but he felt good enough to be a candidate to look for if I wanted to release my load.

I must admit the next guy I topped did get me a good bit closer. Maybe because I had some leftover climax-building tingle from the guy I topped before. If it wasn't for the voyeurs who were living vicariously through us to the point that they kept touching us in interfering places, I probably would have shot my load in his ass. One thing I was glad to see of myself was that this guy was also close to my age.

This back-to-back topping had me concerned that the usual would happen. That every white guy there was going to expect me to be a total top. Some black guys might be cool with this, but being that I was celebrating my coming out and losing my virginity, I also wanted to show off and celebrate my sexual growth. Primarily my becoming versatile. A great change from the total bottom I was 16 years ago. So this constant topping was getting me a little stressed. Then someone came along to pound out that stress.

This tall hottie with light brown hair, possibly red kept coming near me throughout the night. With his full lips and bubble butt, I immediately wanted him the top me the second I saw him. After seeing him fuck a couple of other guys, I thought he had no interest in me. So just as I was moving on, my peripheral vision saw him coming up behind me. I thought he was going to walk pass me. Instead, he stopped and stood behind me. He moved in closer to the point his dick grazed the crack of my bare ass, then his shaft got closer, and deeper in the crack. Growing larger with each motion forward. I reached back to touch his thigh, and in return, he put his arms around me and started kissing my neck. I allowed this for a quick bit, then turned around to face him, and squatted down to suck his dick.

His dick was semi-hard when I started sucking it. Then it grew in my mouth to become rock hard. With his moans of pleasure, I felt his cock throb in my mouth once. He picked me up and turned me back to having my back to him. He leaned me over the medical table in front of me. I quickly reached to my preparation pouch that was gartered on my left thigh to prepare my ass for his entry. I put spit lube on his cock, then he slid it into my ass. He started thrusting into me, and more and more he was hitting the spot. So much so that without even touching myself, my dick was getting hard and I could feel my pre-cum (or cum) edging closer and closer to the tip of my dick. Knowing at any moment, that edging jizz could soon become a drip with a long tail. And just before it got to that point, he came. I could feel every throb of his cock letting out that cum, and he didn't pull out of me until the very last throb and last drop were in me.

That tall hottie wasn't my only top for the night. So my celebrating gave me an equal number of bottoms and tops with a short, sexy Latino that arrived later in the night. He caught him eyeing me as soon as he walked in. Since you never know how those things will turn out, I didn't push to make anything happen. We wound up near each other by chance, and he came to me. We grazed each other, then immediately started making out. I led him over to the side in the back area and positioned myself on all fours. I lubed us both up and as soon as slid inside me slowly. But once inside, he pounded my ass cheeks so hard, it felt like I was being topped by someone twice his size.

At one point he asked, "Do you like that?"
I replied with an exasperated moan, "Fuck yeah!"

My dick was getting hard with each of his thrust. And once again, I felt his hungry cock milk my prostate. Making me pre-cum without touching myself. Or as with my previous top, possibly full-on cumming. Because at least for me, pre-cum just appears. There's no sensation telling me it's happening, unlike cum, which be its arrival to my cock, fast or slow, I feel it. Much like I did with both of these tops.

This makes me come to a realization about my sexual growth. About how as I get older, and more comfortable I am with my sexual body playing with others. I'm finding myself getting near cumming without touching myself. I take it to be that after all this time, the Sweet 16 of my coming out, my body is finally learning to let go when I bottom. What probably took it so long was the fact that my sole sexual interaction with my body up until the age of 30 was masturbation.

I'm sure this point of sexual growth could have happened sooner. I surmise that in addition to my anxiousness from my late coming out making it take this long, there's also how 3 years after my coming out, and losing some of the anxiousness, I unknowingly resurrected it by my getting into porn. So now, almost 8 1/2 years after retiring from the porn industry, my body is having the response to sex it should have naturally. For I never did, nor did I that night use drugs to ease myself to the pressures of being good at sex. Not even poppers.

So as with all of my sexual adventures, I have found the lesson I needed to learn. In this case, the epiphany about my own sexual development. So THANKS, CumUnion and Milk Chocolate NYC for a great celebration you had no idea you were giving me for my Sweet 16.


  1. Great post! I’m a Vers chocolate horny guy just like you. And I dig intrrracial fucking. What other parties would your recommend?

  2. Hey, I recently went to a virtual communion party, it was very fun and hot, here is the link to register


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