Friday, February 16, 2018

A Unicorn Horn Splits A Chocolate Peach

I recently bought a dildo made by a company called Split Peaches. The dildo was made to look like a unicorn's horn. The idea of it piqued my curiosity.

Learning it is made of silicone, therefore non-porous was one of my first considerations to buy it. So once I made my decision official, I had to decide which of the 3 sizes I wanted.

The small one was too small, and the largest one was too big. In regards to the large one, I only want to be open my hole to the width of the largest one when I'm being double penetrated by 2 hot guys. Not one big sex toy. So I chose the medium-sized one. Even though I was a bit hesitant because of the 2 1/4" diameter of the largest insertable part of the dildo. For I was wondering if I could get every last inch of that insertable length and width in.

Well this video is the result. And that thumbnail shows I got it in at least long enough for that still-frame.... But did I like it in? Check out the video to see that unicorn horn by Split Peaches split open the sweet chocolate peach that is my ass to find out.  

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