Friday, July 28, 2017

51 Shades In A Hand-Solo

At The Pleasure Chest location where I presently work, when we no longer sell certain products, some demos then become up for grabs to the staff. That was the case with Hand-Solo by Rocks Off.

The toy was there when we first opened almost 4 years ago, back when the only toys I owned was some Fleshlights and a Clone-A-Willy. So in my lack of knowledge about sex toys at the time, I looked at the Hand-Solo never thinking it would be much fun. So I it took the demo becoming available as a way to take it home, and find out for sure. Unfortunately, the bullet that it comes with was not left with it. So my test was delayed. That is until a 50 Shades of Grey vibrating bullet became available.

For when packaging becomes damaged (usually) by a customer not asking for assistance, and there's no way to get new packaging, products also become available to the staff. Such was the case with a box for the 50 Shades of Grey bullet vibrator. Instead of asking for assistance, a customer opened the box on their own, ripped, now it's no longer able to be sold. So I took that home as well.

This now available 50 Shades bullet gave me the opportunity to finally try the Hand-Solo. I anticipated even more fun because the 50 Shades bullet is longer than most bullet vibrators. That's why after my 1st try of the Hand-Solo with orgasmic results while having the bullet facing away from me, I tried it a 2nd time with the bullet facing towards me. Anticipating more sensation by every inward stroke vibrating against the top center of my ball sack.

And this video is the result of that test:

Now, if you ever wondered about the title, it's very simply this equation:

50 Shades of Grey bullet vibe + the 1 shade of my cock = 51 Shades in a Hand-Solo.

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