Thursday, August 3, 2017

Anal-yzing The Anal Needs For Anal Pleasure


Say that phrase to someone like me, and their sphincter twitches anticipating the pleasure of a desired person entering them, or they get a raging hard-on from the thought of being the one doing the entering. For others however, their sphincter twitches ...but not out of anticipating pleasure. Instead, it's in anticipation of 2 P words.

Those P words being,… POOP and PAIN.

Many fear anal sex because they still feel the anus is the "exit only" zone we were initially taught by our parents. Undoing this lesson after at least a decade and a half of one's upbringing is a tough task. But one I hope can be sparked by this article. 

Because we have been long taught the anus is only to be an exit for the body's solid excrement, many fear the thought of it being used as another passageway to pleasure. OR they have experienced it on their own, but now feel guilty for it. 

The fear of poop can be greatly lessened by the combination of a good anal douching when anal sex is anticipated, and a diet that leads to regular bowel movements. Therefore, I highly recommend that one lessens their intake of processed food. 

This is not to say that an accident will never happen. It can. And if it does, assess the situation. If it's not beyond quick repair, don't quit. Instead, simply accept it as the natural possibility that it is, do a quick clean-up, and get back to work on making those orgasms happen. However, if you follow my advice to lessen your chances of an accident, you can go into anal sex with a lot more confidence that uninterrupted pleasure will be the outcome. At least on your end (no pun intended). 

What many don't realize is that the 3 biggest combatants to the idea of pain during anal sex are PATIENCE, LUBE, and DESIRE. 

PATIENCE is what a lot of tops are lacking in. If you're a bottom who uses poppers and think back to how you were introduced to poppers, your memory would most likely fall on either a top pushing them on you during sex. Or a bottoming friend who if they traced their introduction to poppers would bring them to the memory of the same brand of aforementioned top. Either way, like many things in the sex industry, poppers are a means to lessen the responsibility of the penetrating male at the expensive of their partner to be penetrated. 

As much as I would like to slide my cock into my bottom the second I become erect, I practice patience with my bottom. For his body might not be ready to receive my cock the second my body is ready to give it. And I don't want him to slowly (but surely) kill his brain cells huffing on poppers just to make me happy. With that said, bottoms must also practice patience with themselves. 

I know many take offense to my position on poppers. Well, before you go there, take note: 
Who better to advise you on being anti-poppers than a man who is versatile in gay sex, was a total bottom for at least 2 years before becoming totally versatile, hated poppers then, and has since been practically gangbanged without poppers, and in one night almost fisted, but totally tag-teamed, and double-penetrated without the use of poppers.
 Thereby justifying my anti-poppers stance. 

What helped me to succeed such anal feats are the 2 other things not properly executed by many. 

LUBE of course is needed to lessen the friction of penetration. And a good quality lube can make that friction go from harsh to sweet in an instant. Harsh to sweet in a way that's both mentally and physically healthy for both parties. 

This is a must for the anus. Due to the fact that the anus is not self-lubricating like a vagina. No matter how excited one gets from their sex partner(s). 

In lube recommendations, I personally am a big fan of Pjur BackDoor. The silicone-based formula has jojoba oil, which relaxes the sphincter muscles. Thereby lessens the supposed need for poppers by bottoms. It effects are not instantaneous, so give it a minute before expecting to feel a difference.

However, if you find yourself any degree allergic, then I suggest Sliquid Silk or Ride Bodyworx Silk Hybrid
They are the same exact formula made by the same company, but with gender-directed labeling. 

Despite my complimenting their regular lube, I believe that Swiss Navy blocked me from their Twitter page because of me advising the following in a Tumblr post

A definite DO NOT in lubes is any lube claiming to be primarily for the anus having clove oil extract as an ingredient. Clove oil extract may be a natural ingredient, but it induces numbing. Therefore, turning off your body's natural alert system when you're doing too much - pain. So shutting off that natural alert system can result in temporary or irreparable damage. Thereby showing itself to be another product in the sex industry catering and enabling laziness in the penetrating male. Or penetrating female when you talk about pegging. 

Along with patience of both parties and proper lube, in order to have great anal sex, there's a word that the word-perv in me gets quickly aroused by.... 

DESIRE. If you truly desire taking in the person anally, it will make you a lot easier to be entered into. For your brain is your main sex organ. Letting desire be part of putting your mind at ease helps a great deal. And this put the one doing the penetration at ease of hurting you. For if they're a quality penetrator, they will have the concern and patience to accommodate you. 

With that said, don't try anal sex solely because your partner wants to. Make it be because you want to. After all, it's your body, your call. 

Now, back to poppers for a moment. Some of you are probably still thinking that even with desire you need poppers. Please stop lying to yourself.

I see many guys who use poppers, try to claim poppers to not be a drug, YET when those poppers fall or end up suddenly missing, they scramble across that bed, floor, or wherever the poppers might be. Looking like the common drug addict when they drop or lose their paraphernalia. You can't fully claim desire as part of your anal play if this is how you act.

For if you act like you can't fuck without poppers, then you are dependent upon poppers. Desire is not part of your sex equation. For one's desire should be 100% dependent on the person you're having sex with. Not someone else, or something else. 

To get to this point of overcoming those road blocks to great anal sexone needs to relax. Feel empowered that you are letting this person enter you because you said they can. They may have suggested it to you, but in the end, since it's your body, you had the final say. Let knowledge of that empower you, and you will find your body doing many pleasurable things you didn't think were possible. And when that happens, you will find many fears on many things (not just anal sex) put at ease.

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