Saturday, November 19, 2016

Scum-Dump Trump

In the wee-hours of November 9, 2016 Eastern Standard Time 
The public's vote screamed "Hilary!" 
But the smaller electoral vote screamed "Trump!" 
Leaving the public to lose faith in the system 
Since Trump habecome our President-elect  

So to those who voted for Trump 
And those who voted 3rd party, and now complain 
I have some choice words for you 
That you need carved into your brain.. 

Every woman sexually assaulted 
Every black person called "nigger" 
Every Latino called "spic" 
Every gay called "faggot" or "dyke" 
Who are then bullied and beaten for that natural difference 
Their blood is on your hands 
Every transgender person called "freak" 
Every Muslim reading the Koran 
Every pregnant woman needing an abortion 
Every immigrant seeking the American dream 
Ostracized, taunted, and beaten 
For making a decision to save less their wallet, but way more their soul  
The blood of the unborn and unrealized is on your hands 
It's not all of the blood 
But if you have any resemblance of a conscience 
Even a tiny drop is too much 
And since you filled in that dot on that ballot 
I guess you have no conscience at all 

Now you might say 
Those acts of bullying are people acting on their own 
Well, the bully in them might have been dormant 
But the biggest cyberbully lit that ugly spark 
The cyberbully YOU voted to make 
The leader of our great nation... 
And his actions are to make him 
The ultimate validator 
For he should be the ultimate example of America 
But this Scum-Dump 
…named Donald J. Trump 
What is he the ultimate validator of? 

He is a validator of racism  
He is a validator of sexism 
He is a validator of misogyny 
He is a validator of sexual assault 
He is a validator of overcompensating machismo  
He is a validator of bullying  
Therefore, he is a validator of cowardice 
All signs of this were shown at his rallies 
And it has now poured and grown onto our streets 
Since he was declared the winner  
Declared winner by the electoral college 
NOT by the people 

So if you Trump trolls beg to differ 
About Trump being a true worthwhile leader 
Where was his "masterful" voice 
Telling these verbally and physically violent people 
To STOP this violence at his rallies? 
Where was his "masterful" voice 
Asking for them to peacefully disagree? 
Instead, he further incited them 
Giving them the greenlight to go ahead and be cruel 
So this long overdue call for calm is seen for what it is 
Like his Trump University settlement 
It's a crock to hide the crook 

And you know why he was silent for so long? 
To all of you who voted for Donald J. Scum-Dump Trump 
You are all his minions! 
You are all his bitches! 
Doing all of the dirty work 
He's not brave enough to do for himself 
It's like you're all employees for the Trump Organization 
And he's doing the something, yet nothing that he has done before... 
...He's not paying you shit! 
Much like he has done with his taxes 

Anyway, I said before that I guess you have no conscience 
Then why am I talking to you? 
It's because I'm hoping you have a human heart 
One that now feels regret 
After seeing the results of the choice you made that fateful day 
A day that has caused for the 1st time in my lifetime 
Marches in cities across the nation 
Repulsed by the government's decision of a president-elect 
For as I said before, 
The people's vote cried "Hilary" 
But those in government 
Protecting their take-from-the-poor-give-to-the-rich credo 
...It's them who cried "Trump" 
So please feel regret 
Prove to me, but more importantly to yourself 
That you are not such a narcissist 
A narcissist like the scum-dump 
Whose name is Donald J. Trump

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