Monday, March 21, 2016

Sexual Desires For 45

In 10 days, I will be 45 years old. In both mind and body, I think I've maintained myself quite well. And based on my sexual experiences, I've done quite well in that department as well.

Speaking of sexual experiences, I don't know a man alive that doesn't want sex for his birthday. Well, I am no different. Now, while I will take a good old-fashioned roll in the hay with much gratitude, there are some sexual occurrences that would make my gratitude even greater.

Double Penetration
Now, I have asked for this on this blog for years. And those who offered either did so unexpectedly, or was offering a component I expressly said I didn't want for my 1st d.p. (like one guy with a huge cock).

Of those unexpected offers, my experiencing being a double penetration bottom has happened. However, while I'm over 90% all for spontaneity, this was a case where the spontaneity left me too partially fulfilled. Because I was fulfilled by the fact I can say I experienced it, but that's where the satisfaction ends. So I want a do-over. One more along of the lines of what I stated in my blog post where I figured out the D.P. formula that would work to my satisfaction.

Let me add, a stipulation just in case I find myself unable to handle both cocks presented to me simultaneously. In such a case, I'd bottom for both guys separately. With the one to get me first being the guy who I have never had sex with before, or it's been the longest since we last hooked up.

International Gangbang
This is something I have yet to experience, and was willing to show fans by doing it as a scene while I was doing studio-based porn. That however, never came to fruition.

If you knew every detail of my sexual history, you could say that my list of sex partners could fill up a Gay U.N. Because I think I've had sex with guys from every continent, but Antarctica. So I've been with enough guys to make an international gangbang, just not all in one fuck session.

Now, in case you don't know by now, I don't pride myself on how much sex I have. Instead, I pride myself on what I learn from my sexual encounters. And part of what I would like to learn is if there is any difference is a guy's sexual styles based on their ethnicity. Well, due to the different ways different cultures teach their males about sex, I'm sure there is for most guys but not all. And an international gangbang would be a great way to get some (but not a concrete) answer, and have fun while doing it. Don't you think?

BiSexual 3-Way
This might gross out all of the infantile hetero-phobes reading this post, but I have long wanted a bisexual guy to fuck a woman, and with his cock wet from her pussy juice, for him to then fuck my ass. And while he's having sex with the woman, allow me to feel his body.

Well, since I don't know too many hot bi-guys, this is a kind of birthday sex that is a real longshot.

Unrequited Lust
There are many guys living in NYC who are on my social media lists who I wouldn't deny a roll in the hay with. And many of them already know who they are. And in case they don't know, here's a tip:

If I've groped your ass, crotch, or sucked your dick, you're more than likely a contender.

With these 3 possible scenarios, there's one I have no problem with revisiting....

Surprise Sex
I have no problem revisiting this situation if the previous 3 don't happen because one of my followers favorite home sex videos come from a guy I met that way....My playmate from "Why It's WE Fucked".

I went out arriving at a bar a tad before midnight. Upset because a former fuckbuddy wasn't reciprocating my advances for the great sex we were having to also be a gift for my birthday. So I went to the bar, not on a search for numbing sex, but to not stare at the walls of my apartment where that sex would have happened had the former fuckbuddy responded accordingly. So I went to the bar backroom to do my usual study of sexual behavior, and noticed one guy who went down on me. While that guy was going down on me, I noticed this other guy who had someone going down on him. We noticed each other, but trying to be loyal to the guy already blowing me (who was lackluster at cocksucking), I tried to ignore this possible new suitor. But he was persistent. Then by chance, we wound up closer to each other. It was likely because the guy who was blowing him had stopped, and was trying to back his ass up on my new suitor. My new suitor wasn't having it, and when the guy blowing me stopped to take a breath, my new suitor took me away, and we wound up fucking my ass right there. And it is very likely that at my time of birth, 2:57 AM, this guy's cock was in my ass.

So that night was HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!

With such options listed, I wonder which one will come to fruition? And if one does, who will I have to thank for the smile that will be on my face. Only the morning after will tell. Until then...

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