Monday, March 7, 2016

Mike Dozer's Condom Stance Provokes My Reiteration

I read in Attitude Magazine's post about pornstar rapist Mike Dozer's sentencing that he was a former "anti-condom ambassador"?!

Reading that made me feel the need to reiterate my ongoing stance on bareback sex, and why I feel that way.
A term like "anti-condom ambassador" brings to mind the hashtag #BBBH (BareBack BrotherHood). A hashtag I may have used to get the attention of those loyal to that hashtag, but I have never defined myself by it. Nor should you, unless you practice barebacking, are HIV+ , and know your prospective playmate is also, OR you're HIV- , practice barebacking, and just before your hook-up, both you and your prospective playmate just got rapid test reading negative. Otherwise, why would you define yourself that way? Or as an "anti-condom ambassador"? Defining yourself by such terms and not conveying it to your prospective playmate tells me that not only are you a massive risk-taker with your own life, but you do the same with your partners as well.
And with that, plus the pedophilia encouraged by porn films (like those by Nica Noelle), look where that got Mike Dozer.
This is definitely a judgement of barebacking, but not in the way you might think. For even though it was "fashionable" to do so at the time, while I was doing studio-based porn, I never publicly bashed barebacking, nor did I condone it. With that in mind, there was no way you would have found me being one of Chi Chi LaRue's hypocrisy brigade bitches with her hand up their ass screaming "Shut your hole!" 5 years ago while they have profiles on barebacking hook-up sites. So I was glad to be too Black (and too individual enough) to have never reached the height of porn-stardom to have even been asked.
My stance on barebacking has always been that it's a matter of choice. This is me repeating myself to my long time readers, but I've long felt that condoms are unnatural, because there should not be a barrier between you and your sex partner. HOWEVER, we must consider using condoms because of all of the STIs one can catch. So if one (myself included) gets infected with anything, he should be a man and accept those consequences.
I have long gotten flack for this position on the matter. In fact, during my discussion "Gay Porn: Teacher, Indicator, or Both?", when the issue of barebacking in gay porn came up, I expressed this position, and got into a heated exchange between a guy in the audience claiming to be a counselor. He seemed to have gotten so heated that during the intermission a few minutes later, he never returned. Although, that was before Truvada being used for PrEP was not so widely known or accessible. So even though I didn't need others supporting my view to validate it for me then or now, I'm sure I now have more supporters on my stance.
Anyway, I've admitted to barebacking. I've admitted that some of my homemade videos are barebacking videos. But I am not so loyal to my feeling that condoms are unnatural that I'm not going to take precautions with strangers. However, there have been occasions where I have barebacked with a stranger. Hence why I'm not a harsh judge of someone who is usually firm on condom use, and having a slip from their regimen. For sex is meant to be spontaneous. So what I am critical of is a condom-user who falters, and tries covering it up by publicly giving harsh criticism to barebackers, while never once publicly admitting to their personal misstep in their sexual practice. That's why you should never trust someone that critical of someone who barebacks. They're often epitomizing the old saying..."Doth protest too much".
What has prevented Mike Dozer's story from becoming my story is the fact that I have never gotten so caught up in the turning a blind eye and false sense of sexual entitlement bestowed upon porn actors that I've lost my sense of what is morally right and wrong. Or my sense of what is right and wrong in the eyes of the law. Fooling myself into believing that there are no consequences for my actions. And that is what you have in all areas of Mike Dozer situation. From his pursuing a minor to his attitude towards condom use. To the point he could proudly wear a t-shirt that says "Condoms are for pussies."
All one can do is shake their head at that.

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