Sunday, December 25, 2016

Introducing X-Rayed Sex

In case you don't know, a few months ago, I did an interview for the Glam Award-winning Tumblr blog, Thotyssey. Now, as the blog's author Jim Silvestri tries branching out with the blog, he's allowing for a sex column, and I have thrown my name in the hat to be the column's author. In using that column to be an extension to the mission towards sexuality with this blog, I have titled the column,
"X-Rayed Sex".

My first topic for the column examines why in interracial relationships with a black male is the black male so often the top. Is there a perception to blame? If so, who or what gets the blame? Why won't we question this matter? Where does this ordained role for gay black males leave black bottoms? And who (regardless of color/ethnicity) wins in the end?

All of these questions will be answered in that post. So please, check it out:

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