Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Popper-Free Anal Sex

This past Saturday, I took part in a workshop presented by the NY Academy of Sex Ed called the Sex Educator Skill Share. It was a workshop for sex educators to better their skills as educators, and it was limited to 10 people. A big part of the requirement being that each person gave a 10-minute presentation, with every other member critiquing your presentation afterwards.

As for my topic, the topic I chose was brought on by my 1-on-1 and sex party trysts where my supposed playmate caused me headaches. Not knowing some of those headaches could have become fatal since I took an enhancement pill, which I later learned is not to be combined with what made a necessity for my topic...poppers. Hence why my topic was:
This was the outline that I followed for my presentation:
I. Intro 
   A. Warn audience of bluntness
         B.  Popper use – perceived necessity for anal play 
              1.   Introduced early after engaging in gay anal sex 
                    a.    Once was not in porn, now it is 
              2.   Straight couples popper use likely started by gay suggestion 
      II. 2 Powers to influence popper use
          A. Power of suggestion 
               1.   Told it makes anal sex easier 
               2.   Debunk it makes anal sex easier 
                     a. It’s HUFFING 
                        1. Question why tops and oral sex players use it 
                        2. Risking damage because brain not properly receiving messages
                        3. ANY action with such a risk of harm is WRONG
         B. Power of mind over matter 
              1. Tells of experiences proving poppers unnecessary 
              2. Tell components for popper-free anal sex 
                  a. Lube 
                  b. Desire 
                      1. Is your anal sex pleasure or a chore 
                  c. Deep breath 
                      1. Point out how this was discovered 
                      2. Suction makes it like a blow job pulling  him in for penetrate you
      III. Hope for strongly enforced laws, so more power of mind over matter must take effect

There were things that I forgot to put in the outline in some fashion, and due to nervousness forgot to address in my presentation. Once I realized that, it became apparent to me how I avoided the 1-minute warning finger being raised at me. Those things in the order as to where they should have been on the outline were: 

Risking brain damage - this is the reason your body won't properly receive messages of both pleasure and pain. But it also can over time hinder your common sense and other degrees of intellect.
Anal sex is not for everyone - some people have preexisting conditions that prevent them from having anal sex. So taking poppers to cover the pain with a huffing high from poppers is self-destructive.
Do you really want to be gangbanged? - I've witnessed many bottoms gangbanged at sex parties, but seldom (if ever) are they doing it the way I plan to if I ever get the gangbang I desire ---- without poppers. So this is sex as a tool for escapism.

My hopes with this 10-minute presentation is to make it a 2-hour presentation. Possibly for a lecture or workshop in the future. The Pleasure Chest is one place that comes to mind. I would expand on all of the points told and forgotten in the 10-minute presentation, as well as give definitions that I left out due to (once again) the time constraint. Definitions for words like "huffing" - a word that hasn't been used much since maybe the 1990's, and has been covered up more and more by the glorification of popper use.

So where will this go from here....Only time will tell. But be advised that putting in a word to make it happen does help. Thank you.


  1. I used to use poppers quite a lot until I got sober in 2003. Poppers was just another drug that would hinder my sobriety and out of my life it went. And I never really missed it either. I guess you kind of get into the habit of using during sex and just keep on doing it without thinking about. I was kind of afraid that sex would not be as good without drugs, but that all worked out over time too.

    Steve W 12/5/2003 in my sober date

    1. Thanks. I really appreciate the feedback.

      For I see that the use of popper use is an epidemic for gay male's sex. And due to my standards on the matter, makes it quite difficult to find a man worthy of me.


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