Wednesday, May 14, 2014

7 Things I Never Thought I’d Say, But Have Since Working At The Pleasure Chest

Since I started working at The Pleasure Chest last summer, I've been finding myself having to take back a few things. Things that I've always told myself that I would never try,....I either have tried them, or I'm definitely considering it. And in some cases, there are things I never thought about at all. So here's a list of 7 things to make my list of things I never thought I'd say, but have since working at The Pleasure Chest:

1)I'd let a guy spank me with that paddle.
Well, they say it's the thought that counts. So while my ass isn't light enough for a spank from this paddle to really show, the more I looked at this Impressions Paddle from Sportsheets, I did get turned on by the thought of a hot guy spanking the word LOVE on my ass cheeks.
Because as my past trysts have shown me, he will be showing nothing but love for my ass when he's pounding away at it. Primarily due to the fact that I keep it in great shape - outside and in.
The paddle in the picture is a damaged out one from work that has lost its firmness. Since I have met a few kinky bottoms, maybe I'll try it out on one of them to see if it can still make its mark. If not, it might be another sex accessory for me to invest in.
2)I want to try being fucked while tied to the bed.
I don't have to go much into this. Since I recently posted my poem "Blind Fuck Mind Fuck 5" on here. And even though that's a fantasy of me being gangbanged by 5 guys, I still like the idea of a 1-on-1. Because as a self-proclaimed self-control freak, once in a blue moon, I like having those instances where I give up control. And working at The Pleasure Chest seeing so many options has made me more open to exploring that part of myself. 
3)I want to cum in something....Where's my Flip Hole?
Since I got the Tenga Flip Hole that I reviewed in my 1st (and only so far) Nude Dude Review, I have had moments where my hand is no longer enough. On occasion, I now want something else to wrap around my dick and shoot my load into, and my tight Tenga Flip Hole does the trick.
And it's not my only masturbation toy. I also have a Maven by Vibratex, which you might recall me making an Instagram video showing you the inside of it. So obviously, I've been keeping around some options. Which leads me to.... 
4) I'm needing a toy chest for my sex toys.
At first, the only sex toy I owned were a few Fleshlight that I've given away over the years at porn-related events and the Clone-A-Willy dildo that I used in "Tre Xavier Fucks Himself". The Fleshlights were always thrown behind my bed, and the Clone-A-Willy wound up God only knows where in my bedroom most often found when I was about to move with the cut-rate silicone smelling. So both were rarely touched enough for me to invest in anything to preserve them. However, as my list of sex toys keep growing, I'm starting to need to look into something to put them in----because I personally desire preserving them.
5)I own a packer,....and I want more.
For those who don't know, a packer is often worn by a female to male transgender person to create the bulge a penis. Well recently, we received these packers from New York Toy Collective that looks and feels so real, that I had to have one. I can't do anything with it except touch and look at it, and occasionally stroke it to feel like I'm touching a flaccid uncut dick.

And yes, you read correct. I said "uncut". 

And besides the variety of colors, that's why I want more. Because I find the human male penis to be one of God's greatest artistic endeavors when he created the human male, and I want the variety of colors and degrees of circumcision around me as much as I can have it.
6)Which Aneros prostate massager should I used tonight?
In case you missed me telling it, or simply don't follow me on other social media, then you don't know that as a birthday present, my co-workers at The Pleasure Chest gave me a box of not 1, but 4 different Aneros prostate massagers and vibrator.

Now, if you've followed this blog for any length of time, then you know that I've realized guys to be so dumb in allowing themselves to be influenced by porn, instead of being individual thinkers and recognizing that your rectum is a made of flesh, that they go fingering with such unhealthy aggression that I HATED anything in my ass besides a cock. So at first, when given this gift by my co-workers, I appreicated the thought. Then I relaized that the playing with these massagers would be on my terms, so I might have fun with them after all. And so far I have.

For I normally don't ejaculate with something in my ass. Not even a dick I'm enjoying immensely. Well, it has happened each time I've played with one of these massagers. And I've tried 2 of the 4 so far. 
7. I want to try that dildo!
After what I said in #6 about my experience with guys and ass play, this is why I saved this for last. For this is the biggest shocker. Especially when you add to it a memory of what to some degree could be subconsciously a traumatic experience.

The first guy I was seeing after coming out said that we were going to have to try a dildo or something on me because I was too tight for him. This was the 1st sign that his stereotypical Latino domineering attitude was going to make us not last long. For while I was new to everything from being out, to having sex, even dating, I was nearing 31 years old, so I had better be in control of my body. Therefore, allow no guy to dictate to me what was going in my body solely for his pleasure. I don't care if he was 8 feet tall, but damn sure not some Napoleonic mother fucker like him being only about 5'3" to my 5'6"! So with hindsight being 20/20, I think the thought of dildos has always brought forth that memory of someone trying to claim ownership over my body that they should not have.

Well, imagine my surprise that the urge to have a VixSkin Goodfella took over to the point of me finally buying one. 
As to whether or not I've enjoyed it, I'll keep that under wraps for now. For it might be my next Nude Dude Review. ;-)


  1. The Pleasure Chest is one of my favorite places EVER! I used to live literally one block away from one (in West Hollywood) and would while away an afternoon in there on many occasions and have made many a purchase to add to my toy box!!
    Oh and it's true, once you start with an Aneros, a dildo is next to Trust me, I've got a few Aneros prostate massagers, and now have a few dildos to add variety (and to keep me happy when I'm away from Him). And that paddle..! Yes! Enjoy!


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