Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Blind Fuck Mind Fuck 5

As I said in my last post, I entered Daniel Nardicio's Mr. Nude York contest for the 3rd time. And to no surprise at all, I didn't win. Of course, anyone with sense knows that the contest overall is not to be taken seriously. The troubling part of it is that the crowd's response shows the shameful degree of sexual racism many LGBT migrates brought with them as baggage to my multi-ethnic mecca hometown of NYC. But truth be told, I don't need a title. For at least I live the title of Mr. Nude York with no shame everyday.

And that is how I won big the following night.

For as also stated in my previous blog post, I did go as planned to participate in the erotic open mic event, Titillating Tongues to debut my poem "Blind Fuck Mind Fuck 5". Watch and listen to the video to get not only the backstory of how this poem all came about, and its lyric. But also find out how it was received....by a predominately straight audience.

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