Friday, April 4, 2014

Sex Party Etiquette: BYOG (Bring Your Own Gear)

In some of my past sex tales and "Sex Party Etiquette" posts, I have told of certain practices of mine for sex parties and backrooms. However, I have yet to dedicate an entire post to why I do them so that the message of how necessary these things are sinks in as more than a passing thought. That is, until now.

Every sex party I've ever went to, one annoying method I keep seeing are guys being unable to go straight from foreplay to sex because they don't have certain things with them. It is their own fault. After all, every sex party I've been to demands you to wear socks at the least. So instead of being little boys trying to be fashionable around your ankles, since they are playing in a man's world, they should be men, and come with the proper gear tucked away inside their socks. Failure to do this might also explain why sex parties and backrooms might be big components to what has lead to the supposed statistic of barebacking being on the rise. It's because guys are not taking it upon themselves to do as I have for quite some time. That being I have long made it a habit of investing my money in going to sex parties and bars being not only for the admission fee, but also to have these things in tow:

1) Condoms - Why you should always have them is tow is self-explanatory. Also, while I still maintain my position that barebacking is a matter of choice, and while even HIV (and other STIs) are no longer death sentences, if you or your playmate decide to play safe, it is best to be prepared. Especially, considering where you are going, and what could transpire...or one could transmit.
2) Lube - Another thing pretty self-explanatory. After all, contrary to what some bottoms may tell you about their ass getting wet from excitement, males are NOT self-lubricating. And this is 2014, so we don't have to do even the half-assed spit lube Heath Ledger gave Jake Gyllenhaal in "Brokeback Mountain". Again, if you know you're going somewhere to fuck, as a top or bottom, it's common sense to bring these things with you. It makes more sense then getting ready to fuck, and one of you has to walk through a sex party's crowd of fellow fuckers and voyeurs because the party-provided lube is yards away. To avoid this dilemma, you can easily buy travel size packets at porn shops, or sex shops like The Pleasure Chest where I work.
3) Cockring - I personally don't find cockrings comfortable, but some guys either do, or suffer through them for the sake of fucking more than one guy. Since best sex parties allows equal representation of the rainbow of men.
4) Enhancement pills - Taken such a pill is a good idea if you have erectile dysfunction and/or are not normally multi-orgasmic. And with so many hot guys available, you might find yourself unable to have just one.
Also, having this "in tow" in this case means already inside you. For enhancement pills are to be taken beforehand in whatever time frame the instructions say. Because if you take it too soon before or during the party, your usual stamina and orgasm is what will be at the party. And you'll wind up with the badly timed pill-induced hard-on and stamina. Badly timed, because the party will be close to, or officially over when the pill kicks in.
Lastly with enhancement pills, be forewarned that you should not take them if you are also using poppers (which I FUCKIN' HATE!!!), taking heart pills, or any other kind of medication that contains nitrates.

I said earlier that I felt the need to write this post because of guys' bad habits. Well, there is an even greater reason. It's because the quality of most condoms and lube that many sex parties provide are the worst.

For here in NYC, I've heard many complaints about the breaking of those NYC condoms provided by sex parties and bars, and the lube these parties and bars provide drying up too fast. And both, the condoms and lube are products of Lifestyles.

With my past associations with One condoms, Wet lube, and now working at The Pleasure Chest, I have never been at a shortage of these things for free. Bu before that, I was investing in lube packets and condoms for the sake of having the best sexual experience one can have at a sex party. The same goes for enhancement pills, which I still invest in today to test and be able to pass on the word of which one(s) are worth your money. For with any of these things, a good time won't happen with low quality products.

Since this might explain why I have such good sex party and backroom stories, maybe now you'll go to sex parties, and take it upon yourselves to BYOG,....Bring Your Own Gear.

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