Saturday, July 27, 2013

Go-Go Safe Zone

Many of us, even straight women, go to gay bars/clubs, and have sexual fantasies about the go-go boys. However, for one reason or another most don't deserve to be dancing on the bar, the box, or stage, much less lusted after. Whether it's because they (a)simply can't dance, so you can tell their light skin color got them the gig, or (b)they have a blatant attitude with which they give preferential treatment to certain patrons based on skin color, ethnicity, age, and/or gender, which if they were really competent, they wouldn't show that at all. These go-go boys' prejudice is so out of control they completely turn a blind eye to how respectful that patron may be. I've discussed this before in an old blog post entitled "Go-Go Boy - Etiquette Lacking".

So this poem that got its debut at July's Titillating Tongues tells the story of meeting a (sad to say) modern-day rarity ---- a go-go boy who because he does his job right, is actually worth trying to hook-up with.

We feast our eyes on go-go boys
More eye candy in the gay scene
But lust overrides managerial etiquette
Based on all I have seen
Rhythm-less Nation twinks & muscles
Being light or White got them on the bar
But all having hearts of dark
Then you arrive, the one shining star

With no racist, ageist, or sexist standards
You treat each respectful patron the same
That makes you more desirable
Enough to tip, then try for your name
Asking your name is pretty common
Asking your phone number, I may go too far
For you’re not chained by job or choice
It’s just my wish you also feel the spark
I dared to ask for your number
I first figured you fake saying, “On my break”
But come your break, you sought me out
Saying, “I keep the promises I make”

Back dancing, your body really swayed to the beat
Making a sexy movie play in my head
Of how skilled you must be
If we had each other on a bed
Whether it’s you riding the pony
Or me riding hard on yours
Our uncontainable pleasure moans
Will be going through the walls and doors
Then you interrupted the movie in my mind
With music hotter than the dj’s jams
You said, “Why put off for another night
When I’m free tonight to be in your hands?”

Baby, whether it’s your place or mine
Let’s vow to keep on the lights
For you have been working
In the dark all night
Plus oooo, your body sweat
The light lets me see
The fun is lessened by the dark
Where I’ll only feel it on me
All the terms while you’re on the job
With me, let them leave your mind
For you are not on the clock
This is your private sexy time
So don’t do a striptease
Just undress
No giving lap dances
Just give sex
And the music blasting our ear drums
Are the bed squeaks and moans to the rhythm of our fun

Should you share a bed with me
Consider it a go-go safe zone
Where the pressures of your job
Are meant to become unknown
The only dance to please me
Is the one you do in and on me
Missionary, cowboy, doggy, and spoon
Then cuddling,
Then sleeping ‘til noon

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