Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Underwear Expert Spurts Emptiness

In response to my post, "Black Guys Wear Underwear, Too", I had an ongoing communication with Danny Schmittler of The Underwear Expert. He said he understood my frustration and he was going to write an article addressing the issue to post on The Underwear Expert. This promise in the following email was made back in December after I wrote my post. So imagine my frustration of getting delay after delay when I would write emails to check in on the progress of the investigative piece promised in this email:

Finally, on the morning of July 8th, I got this email from Danny:

I think he figured that doing a post of making me "Rookie of the Week" on his site would shut me up. Well:
1) my date and time of birth is March 31, 1971 at 2:57 AM. So while I don't look my age, many need to take note that I was born at night, not last night;
2) He can feature all of the sporadic males of darker complexion all he wants. The problem is with the underwear companies actually using them as their main spokesmodel, which they repeatedly do not. So how can you be "actively making sure" your "site is inclusive of more people"? Oh yes, that he is doing. It is inclusive of more people....More light and White people. I'm a writer. And as a damn good one, I'm word-specific. So did he really think his phrase of "more people" was going to make me miss the absence of phrases like "more diversity in the colors of" "more diverse models", "more ethnically diverse models", or "more color diverse models"? Lastly;
3) I've been combatting the issue of racism in media so long since my porn days that I know every stall tactic in the book. So I saw this bullshit coming. I was just hoping to be proven wrong for once. Hence...

My reply:

Now, if I have saved all of the emails that started and ended my correspondence with Danny Schmittler, then there should be no doubt that I have saved every single one in between. Including ones of his reasons for delays. Such as his claims of having a draft in his inbox, but he wants to fine tune it. Or his last delay before this final email where he says he needs an extension because he is going on vacation.

This started 7 MONTHS ago. He's putting together bullshit easy posts to show off mainly White boys (and some light-complexioned Latinos) in their underwear. Danny Schmittler is not putting together some underwear-version of The Huffington Post. Maybe if he was, and this promsied article would have been a start, then I could better deal with the delays. But as I see till this day, he (like many) are catering to the same shallowness, narrow-minded concept of beauty that caused me to write "Black Guys Wear Underwear, Too" in the first place.

So to all of you who look at "The Underwear Expert" and follow his site, and think he's so great, THINK AGAIN!!!

And based on all of this evidence, the only things that would dare to disagree, or say I am overreacting, are things are that also racism-catering Whites, and sell-out people of color. Both of which are just as bad as an actual racist. For even displaying it in something so seemingly trivial as underwear, every action of yours fuels a much bigger problem. That includes the bottom line of all of this, which is a promise was broken.

So with all of that in mind, where is the spiritual worth of such an existence? For money can't buy everything.

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  1. I've given up on this topic. Gay men are some of the most hateful and racist people you can find. They demand equality but they don't give any themselves. I don't have a racist "preference" in men, I am attracted to any race, so it's frustrating when I see an attractive guy only to realize they are racist. I'm not talking about me being shot down. I'm talking about guys who claim a guy has a nice body, but say "too bad he's black/brown/asian." This is why I don't talk to gay men, I don't approach guy guys in club and when I walk through the gay community, I look down and walk fast as if I don't exist. I can't wait for all this to end. If I wasn't so chicken shit, I'd slit my wrists. I only leave my house to work and go to the grocery store lol.


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