Thursday, January 17, 2013

Titillating on January 18th

I'm starting to use the erotica open mic event, "Titillating Tongues" as an event to debut my new works. And this go-around is no different.

The 1st debut will be a poem about ways one takes a male's jizz. It's entitled "3 Flows of Man-Milk River".

Followed by another debut that I mentioned before giving the backstory to....

The last time I went to "Titillating Tongues", there was enough time left that some people who already used the initially allotted 6-minutes to perform were able to take to the stage again. I wasn't able to take advantage of that because I had nothing prepared. I brought only the works I knew I would need. This time however, if such time is available, I will be prepared. Hence why I plan on bringing part of a scorching tale from the rough draft of my work-in-progress autobiography. So there! More reason for you to come by and see me.

So if you're in NYC, I hope you'll come by and support me, as well as the other erotica performers who will be showing their bravery by putting their artistic prowess on display.

Again, the event name is....
I hope to see you there. ;-)

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