Monday, January 21, 2013

3 Flows of Man-Milk River/Neapolitan

This past Friday, as I said I would, I went to the erotica open mic event, "Titillating Tongues" and debuted 2 new poems entitled, "3 Flows of Man-Milk River" and "Neapolitan".

Especially with "3 Flows of Man-Milk River", I didn't have my intros too well-planned out, hence the stammering. My goal that night first and foremost was getting the poetry and sentiments behind them out. More so with "Neapolitan" whose importance of combating sexual racism was told in the backstory I posted a month ago.

In regards to the video's somewhat poor quality, I recorded it with my last cell phone. But again, the importance was the messages of eroticism and romanticism. So please enjoy.

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