Friday, December 21, 2012

See Chocolate Sexy, Beautiful, and Love: Neapolitan's Inspiration

It's very easy just to write about sex in a story, song, or poem. But it takes work to make that tale have a message that readers can get.

In the case of a poem I recently wrote entitled "Neapolitan", the word just popped in my head. I felt that word popped in my head for a reason. It had to be. After all, as an American ice cream flavor, Neapolitan is by no means my favorite. So I wasn't being subconsciously sent out to go buy some. This led me to feel that Fate was using the word to symbolize a message I needed to share. More specifically, an erotic message.

Then it hit me as a lot of recent events flooded my mind.

Such as the behavior of Whites at the last GBU/NY Jock Party I attended. The absence of Blacks in underwear modeling as I addressed in "Black Guys Wear Underwear, Too". And the saturation of White (and maybe light-complexioned non-White) males in too many ads and videos promoting parties held here in the multi-ethnic mecca that is NYC. All of this led me to again be reminded (not that I ever forgot) how in gay nightlife and media Whites are the only sign of intellect, humanity, and beauty, with Latinos being 2nd in line, but only if they're also light-complexioned. Meanwhile, I can easily point out specific instances that show one race to not be any better than the other.

What also came to mind was how in sexually desire, non-Whites are treated like fetishes and not human beings, and how anger over this may translate into those treated as such using sex as a weapon of revenge, namely Blacks. A matter I addressed in purple print in "Return to Boxers & Briefs".

The idea of Black males using sex as a weapon has been forced down our throats in pornography. From Bobby Blake to Diesel Washington and the like in gay porn, or Sean Michaels, Lexington Steele to Brian Pumper and the like in straight porn, Black males have always been shown borderline raping their White counterparts. And Whites who colorize sexuality perceive this to be what we are, therefore understandably fear us. For this kind of sexual display shows no potential for a loving heart. So this became a damaging image of Blacks I wanted to undo with "Neapolitan".

With a fetish, you can take it or leave it. And there are no real worthwhile judgments against you should you decide to leave it. Whites are not treated as such. All media, be it magazine, TV/web series, or porn, act as if you don't like Whites, then you're looked upon as if you're inhumane. However, we Black and Asians are treated like we're disposable. As if to say, "You don't like Whites?! What's wrong with you?! Now, if you don't like those niggers and chinks, no big deal. They're an acquired taste anyway."

Well let me remind you that acquire taste known as Blacks is sometime referred to as Chocolate.
Now, should you confront people on having that attitude, they'll say that they would never say those words. However, the old adage still holds true that action speaks louder than words.

Whether it's the man or woman's mouth, a woman's vagina, or a man or woman's rectum, and regardless of the person's ethnicity, we are all pink inside our mouths and asses. In this case

After all of this, the colors and flavors of Neapolitan coming together had a meaning to translate into erotic poetry.
Chocolate was the penis of a Black male.
Strawberry was the inner flesh of the mouth, vagina, or ass.
And Vanilla was the ejaculation from the Chocolate and Strawberry coming together.

So the purpose of Neapolitan was to reassure Black males of their beauty and sexuality, and how they did not have to mold themselves into these bad sexual images of us put out by the media. And also let non-Blacks knows that those images are not who we are, and how much those of us Black males who are men appreciate when we are not seen with such stereotypical sexual ugliness.

What makes Neapolitan more special is that the message of its lyrics not only easily crosses over various colors/ethnicities being with Black men, but also sexual orientations of Black men. So while I am proud of the eroticism of the poem, the behavior from those around us that inspired a need for it is what I'm troubled by.

Maybe you will come see it as it is very likely that I will debut at the next open mic of "Titillating Tongues".

See the video here.

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