Friday, December 30, 2011

Tasting HOT Milk Again

I may have been banned from the sex at 30 Lexington Avenue, but while I'm still single, that hasn't stopped me from attending a good sex party. Especially one that I approve of enough to give its own category to. So much has been going on when I attend a Milk Chocolate NYC party, that as soon as I'm about to write a blog post about it, I go to another party with that gives me more to write. So I thought that I would write this post giving you the highlights of each of the recent parties I attended.

First off, it's been awhile since I had been to a Milk Chocolate NYC party. Between my important blog posts, podcast creating, and severing my ties with Dimitri, the space owner/host of Friday night sex party, Inferno (formerly Olympus, then Testosterone, but always secretly Raw Pork), I pulled away from sex parties and began having more fun privately. You see, sex parties are NOT a must for me to get laid. They're just a live playground for my exhibitionist side.

Week 1: On the 1st trip returning to the Milk Chocolate NYC party, I was getting undressed slowly because I was chatting with the host and the attendants. As I was getting down to my underwear, another patron walked in. The guy looked at me, as if he was checking me out, but I wasn't sure if that was the case. During his time checking in, I realized that this new arrival also knew the host well enough to hold a conversation. And during that conversation, he still occasionally glance over at me, just as he did when he first walked in. I stayed in the check-in area long enough to see him get undressed, and saw that he had a great ass. Having no idea if he was a top, bottom, or versatile, I didn't care. But if he was into me as I had suspected, be it his lips, tongue, dick, and/or ass, I wanted whatever piece of him he was willing to offer.

As soon as I went to the play area, I was approached. I got felt up, and groped. As I was in the midst of this, the new arrival from the front area came back there. I didn't take long for him to be approached either. It quickly became a group thing with the guys on me fooling with the guys on him, then we began making out with each other. So it turns out my suspicion of him being into me was right. While one hand was rubbing the head of the guy sucking my dick, I used my free hand to reach for the new arrival's plump ass. Which was a tough choice to make, because I wanted to fondle his dick, too. But being human, I only have 2 hands, so I had to make do. Eventually, as in most cases such as this, the group broke up, and we went our separate ways.

Later on, me and the new arrival ran into each other again. He knew that I wanted him. He then asked me if I wanted to fuck him. I told him I did. So we went over to the bed, and he laid on his back. Since I immediately positioned myself over him, he thought I was going to fuck him bareback. What he didn't realize was that when I go to sex parties, I bring my own condoms and lube packets and stuff them in my socks. So when he got on his back, he was glad to see one hand reach in my sock for lube, and then reach in the other sock for a condom. I put the condom on and put my hard cock in his tight ass, and started fucking him. I thrusted into him, and it got so passionate that I got closer and closer to his face with each thrust, then kissed him, then buried my head at his side and kissing his neck. And once I got that close, he held me tightly to him. As good as his tight hole felt, this didn't last long.

It didn't last long because of the reason I hate fucking missionary at sex parties. Unknown hands that too often prove to be unwanted hands interrupted us. At their initial touch, I just kept fucking, but once I got a glimpse of who some of these guys were, my dick went limp. So we had to call it quits...for now

After a few playmates later, we ran into each other again. He asked me if I wanted to try again. No doubt in my mind that I did. We went to one of the other beds, and he positioned himself to be fucked doggy-style. I still had a bit of exhaustion from my vigorous fucks with others in between, but I knew I was had enough in me to fuck him some more. But this time to the point of cumming. Then as I tried to enter him, I remembered something I wanted to do so badly that my subconscience made it distract me from keeping my hard-on ---- I wanted to eat his ass. Soon as I started tonguing his hole, my dick got rock hard. So I got back up and started fucking him again. He wanted to jerk off and come, so he got up and went over to the wall, with me still inside him the entire time. I continued fucking his ass and he my dick. Since the space was too small, the guys there couldn't see much of how his ass bounced as I banged into it from behind. So their consolation prize was to get turned on by the slapping sounds of my groin and his bubbly ass constantly colliding. Then he started moaning louder and louder. He was cumming. When he came, his sphincter tightened around my dick, and brought me that much closer to cumming as I was drawing close. So I pulled out, threw the condom into a small wastebasket just to the left of us, jerked off using some of the cum from his freshly creaming dick while kissing him and squeezing his ass, and then I shot my load into the wastebasket. My hand wreaked of jizz afterwards. And I loved the fact that I couldn't tell whose jizz I was smelling.

Afterwards, I finally got to ask him a question I wanted to ask him from the moment I heard him speak. Because of his accent, I asked him where he was from. It turns out he's from Romania. Hmmm, European and seeming to have much less of an aversion to chocolate than American Whites. ...Why was I not surprised? But happier than a pig in slop at the end result.

Week 2: So much happened upon my 2nd trip back since my hiatus. First off, I brought along an FWB of mine. He told me in a chat that the next time I go to a sex party to let him know, because he might want to go. So after the sexy turn out that I saw at my initial return, I felt that he might like this group.

What I wasn't aware of was that my FWB was more of a voyeur at sex parties, which is cool. Not all of us can be show-offs like myself. Hence why, with the exception of my groping his ass while giving him a blowjob at one point, no one got a show of what we've been like together where he fucks my ass so that I need to do Kegels in the shower, in the bed (if I stay over), and on the train ride home. But as it turned out, he did have his own fun. So much so that I never saw him leave. Maybe I was too busy with one of my other moments.

This is not one of the most joyful moments, but it does deserve to be noted as a highlight from the lesson to be learned. At the 1st party of my return, this one, and the next, I was a top. If my FWB wanted to fuck, I would have went back to bottoming in a split second. There was a Black guy there who wanted to top me. He was good-looking, but there was a problem. As I've said before, as a top, I am passionate and aggressive, but my bottom never feels like I'm raping them, which is what I see too many Black guys do, especially when they get hold of a non-Black person. And this Black guy was one of those guys who I witnessed fucking like he was raping his bottom. Later, he asked if I would bottom and I told him most likely not tonight. So when he said if I change to let him know, rather than go into this whole speech about my disapproval of what I saw of him, I just smile and said, "OK".

What I didn't count on was someone from my past showing up who I wanted to bottom for. As soon as this reunion top started to fuck my ass, the Black guy wanted in. I saw the 2 of them talking, while I had an idea, I wasn't sure about what. And if it was what I thought, I wasn't going to be happy about that reunion. Once the reunion top was done, the Black guy was trying to rush into my hole. At no point while bottoming for the reunion top did I acknowledge him there, so this was not at all cool with me. Maybe before showing up at the party, he should have read my Sex Party Etiquette post about this very thing.

After the party, the Black guy was a bit annoyed by how he never got to top me, citing race as the reason. Because you see, the reunion top was White. Truth be told, race was not the reason. Because if he was a White guy fucking his bottoms like that, I still wouldn't have wanted him topping me. Maybe it's what I said in "The Dirty Word Report" about the history of slavery being sexualized, but my observations have seen that overly aggressive brand of fucking to come more so from Blacks.

Also, as it turned out, that discussion between the two of them was actually just what I thought. They were discussing taking turns on me. The problem with this? ...IT'S MY BODY, SO WHEN THE FUCK WAS I GOING TO BE LET IN ON THIS "DISCUSSION". For when I bottom, I'm not one of those self-loathing bottoms who assume the position for any dick to slide on it, so much so that even with a condom, you should fear that the latex of a condom is going to melt on your dick. Because heaven only knows what corrosive combo that nasty bottom has crawling up in him for letting any old dick in. So for treating me as such, the reunion top has very likely had his last reunion fuck with me.

Again, not the best part of the night, but it had to be told as a reminder.

Back to the good stuff. All of the attendants at the Milk Chocolate NYC parties tend to be HOT. And before this last incident transpired, I did get to have fun with one attendant. I was sitting in the lounging area of the party taking a break when this cute guy with red briefs walked in. I almost ignored him, then I realized that he was the new attendant that I was eyeing when I walked in. So when he made his way to the back, I waited a few seconds, then decided my break was over. I found him in the 1st play area after the lounge area just sitting there. In the dim lights, we looked at each other. Nervous of whether or not he was interested, I slowly moved closer. Once I was standing next to him, he started groping me, and I started massaging his muscular shoulders. The more he groped me, the harder I became. And rather than let my dick be confined, I pulled the front of my underwear down and set it free. With this, he started sucking me off. He was actually very good at giving a blowjob. So between that and my hands massaging his beautiful head and body, my dick couldn't help but stay hard. But while I was enjoying the blowjob I was getting, my mouth was salivating to take in his cock and return the favor. So I once he took a slight pause on my cock, I went down on him and engulf his dick. Rubbing every part of his body that my hands could reach, from his ass, to his chest, to his back, to his thighs, to his calves while sucking his dick made me not want to suck him until his sprung his hot man-milk in either my mouth or on my body. However, we stopped before any of that happened, but at least I got the chance to play with like I had hoped from the second I laid eyes on him.

This isn't the 1st time that I've played with attendants at the Milk Chocolate NYC parties. In fact, I've bottomed for a couple. My most loyal readers might in fact remember how this time last year, the attendant I was fucking like rabbits with was Ty from "Sweet Reunions Over Milk Chocolate, Part 2".

Week 3: A tall, fit, hot bubble-butt Latino walked into the farthest and largest play area. When he walked in, he stopped and looked around right by these 2 guys sitting down talking to each other. They saw him the same time I did, and the way they were looking I was sure they were going to make a move right away, but neither of them did. The Latino then left and went to another play area. I though one or both of those 2 guys sitting would try going after him. Still, I tried pacing myself in trying to pursue him. So I waited about 20 seconds, and with neither of the 2 guys trying to go after him, I went to look for him. Evidently, the Latino didn't see anything he liked in the adjacent play area, because he was coming out of it as I was coming out of the farthest play area to look for him. We exchanged glances and "hellos", immediately started feeling on each other. Of course my hands went immediately to his juicy ass. He asked me if I wanted to play, and I'm sure you know my answer. So we went back into the farthest play area. He got on all-fours on the bed in the middle of the room, and I started fucking him from behind.

As I was fucking him, I could feel the eyes of  those 2 guys still sitting on the side burning a hole in my head. The fact that they were both closer to the Latino's body size than I was, I don't know if their stares were out of admiration or envy that my little frame was allowed to bang this big juicy ass that was a nice cushion to my groin with my every thrust. During the time after, I actually wound up fucking one of the guys that was sitting on the side watching.

Later on, I saw the Latino getting fucked in the adjacent play area that he had left when I 1st met him. He was again getting fucked doggy-style, this time on the sofa in that room. Someone was sitting next him, but suddenly left. I took this as a chance to get off on watching him get fucked from another angle besides the one I could see while I fucked him, so I sat in that spot. As soon as the Latino looked over and saw me, he reached for me to suck my dick and kiss me while this other guy was fucking him. Once that guy was done, the Latino then got up, and dressed up my cock, straddled me, and started riding me. I was not expecting this, and it happened so fast. But I don't begrudge that quick ride on my dick for 1 second. For at that moment, I was feeling that soft ass squeeze against my hands and thighs, with his uncut dick flopping against my stomach with each of his bounces.

So what adventures can be experienced at the New Year's Eve party I plan on attending? Well, if you have a fit enough body, maybe you should just send you pics & stats, then come see and experience some sexy adventures for yourself.

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