Sunday, September 12, 2010

Write That Down #26

I was about to give a backstory on what inspired my latest quote, but the truth is...waaaaay too many people have inspired this "Write That Down" quote over time. Because a recent parting of the ways I had with someone forced me to point out the reality to them of how many of us (myself included) are governed by the stereotypical rules and behaviors of our communities. A reality that this person did not want to face, and I'm sure many share this person's sentiment. For it means that they may be doing things in their lives based more on their community's perceived will instead of their own individual will.

So my latest "Write That Down" quote reads:

Just because I have this skin color, don't think I like hip-hop, and talk slang 24/7. And just because my sexual orientation is for the most part, gay - don't think I MUST be in love with Broadway, MUST go to Fire Island during the summer, MUST have designer clothes, MUST do extensive man-scaping, and/or MUST love Britney, Cher, Madonna and/or Lady Gaga. Because while I may like to partake of some of these and other things thought to be "gay" to some capacity, I am self-confident enough with my identity and individuality to NOT BE A STEREOTYPE. This leaves my heart room to love and feel passion over the more important things in life. Such as bringing the human community together, and not for the "it" gay cause of the moment. Instead, for the cause that I know needs our attention. In short, my heart knows that the only "MUST" that I have to that I MUST BE ME.

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