Sunday, September 5, 2010

Write That Down #25

I recently posted this question on Formspring:
Which zodiac signs do you find that to get with, you are practically guaranteed great sex? I have my preferences, too. I'll answer my own question after the 1st answer.

One answer I got in response was:
"...Damn, you talk long enough to get a zodiac sign? Lol, I really don't pay attention"

While the person was making a joke based on how he doesn't follow astrology, it did bring one thing to mind ...of how little guys take time to know a one-night stand or "trick".

I say "guys" because I've always known my brain to work in a way of both a male and a female, and it's the female's way of thinking that makes me very likely have in-depth conversations before having sex with a guy, whether I meet a guy at a bar, club, and even the few I've met online. I will admit that it is at a sex party that the typical male in me surfaces, and cares less about in-depth discussions. That's because if I'm going to travel to you, with you, or have you travel to me, the self-respecting man that I am wants a good idea of who and what I'm allowing to have the pleasure of my company and body.

To be honest, some of my Facebook friends are what one would call "tricks"or "fuck-buddies". But after awhile of keeping in touch, while we're not exactly friends, we have had enough chats and conversations over time that I personally feel that to call them a "trick" or "fuck-buddy" is a bit disrespectful to their presence. I feel I need to come up with a new word to describe them. Something even better than "friends with benefits". The same way I recently came up with the term "inter-ethnic" in my opposition to the word "interracial".

That's why my latest "Write That Down" quote reads:

I actually hate the word, "trick". It seems void of humanity. And I feel that just because you're single, horny, and want actual human contact with another consenting adult, instead of your hand, or some sex toy, does not make you any less human. So I think the person who made up the word "trick" was either (a)single and down on themselves for being single and sexual (when being sexual, single or not, is more than natural); or (b)someone in a relationship who wanted to make themselves feel better than single people. When the truth is, those who need to say "I'm in a relationship" for the sake of feeling better about themselves are just that...NEEDY. Which makes them worst off than those who claim to be at peace being single.


  1. Hands Down: Sagittarius. Half man, half archer, all sexiness.

  2. @MOC Blogger

    Funny you should mention Sagittarius. My past experience with one was not that great as I explained in my answer to my own question on Formspring. Which I know you find strange, because as a follower of astrology, you're well aware that a Sagittarius and an Aries like myself are supposed to be sexually compatible.

    Well, my wish to prove astrologers right was recently granted as I had a 3-way that included the Brazilian from my poem, "Red Light", and an Australian who looked like a short, bubble-butt version of Eric Balfour from the movie "Lie With Me", AND....was a Sagittarius.

    Part of the session was me and the Aussie flip-fucking, and the archer in him hit the right spot for me as a top and as a bottom.

    So I said all this to say, I have now been made a believer, and agree with you 100%. HaHa


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