Tuesday, September 21, 2010

HOT Chocolate in Paris

Chase Coxxx and myself have recently started following each other on Twitter, and realizing how many thoughts we have in common, we are now on each others' blog list. While looking at Chase's Twitter page, I saw some pics he recently posted. They were pretty damn hot. Like these:

And then I saw this pic:
The immediate fantasy that played in my head was of me having my hole tag-teamed by these 2 for the entire parade route. And I made that known in the comment that I posted. BUT after seeing that pic, I then found this one:
When I finally decided to read the captions (thanks to Chase), it became clear that these HOT guys were all together at the same event, Fête de la Musique in Paris. So I had to correct myself in my next comment of how it would not be a tag-team that I would endure for all to see along the entire parade route. It would actually be a GANG BANG.

After reading my comments, Chase sent me a tweet with a link to the video where I can see the bodies in motion, especially those asses. And I decided that if I have to sit here hard wanting what I can't have, why shouldn't you? So be my company in my "misery". 
Enjoy & Bust ;-)

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