Saturday, March 13, 2010

Write That Down #13

I have often said here the words "nigger" and "faggot" using both of them in a negative light. The reason for my using them can be explained in my next quote for my "Write That Down" category:

Just as Chris Rock once said in a comedy special, "There are Black folks, and there are niggers", I agree and add that there are gay men, and there are faggots. The 1st in both cases are great to be. However, the latter in both cases are actually one and the same---blights on humanity.

For this reason, I don't take well to being called "nigger" or with the friendly hip-hop meaning and spelling "nigga", NOR do I condone being referred to as "faggot" by another homosexual. I've heard many a gay party host say the word as a greeting, and I don't approve. In fact, I usually give them a glare and lackluster clap to show my disapproval.

Now to that person who once criticized me in the comments of how I shouldn't be using those words. First of all, this is MY blog, and if I use a negative word in a negative light, unless I make a statement that one can give undeniable proof that I am incorrect, then you need to shut the fuck up, and know your place.

While I'm being a bit serious right now, I'm going to make you LAUGH tomorrow while I'll be using one of those words again. Until then....

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