Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gimme Sex On 31 For 39

As March 31st comes closer, I'm thinking more and more about some of the things I would like for a birthday present. Well, a job offer to do one of the many artistic things I love to do would be nice, because those 7 years as a Mail Clerk at Kenyon & Kenyon LLP were really starting to piss me off. OR a nice boyfriend, because the guy I was recently seeing quickly showed himself to be another emotionally unstable lazy ass. Those things are no so far-fetched, but a bit out of reach at the moment, so in the meantime, let me focus on something more accessible, and more SEX.

Let's face it, sex is very accessible. Many of us have phone numbers of guys and girls who are often ready, willing, and able to give us some ass when we want it. And like practically any male animal, I want some crazy hot sweet sweaty sex for my birthday.

That's right, I said it!

What man doesn't want getting laid as one of their birthday presents? Now, don't be so shocked that I once again spoke aloud the truth that you're thinking in silence. Because as I get older, I seem to be getting bolder.

Anyone who knows me personally and reads this blog are well aware that there are many possible ways to sexually please me for my birthday.But here are a few suggestions:

1)Someone can hook-up a get together where that double penetration I've been craving (and almost had at the NYJP/GBU party) will finally come to fruition;
2)A bisexual 3-way;
3)Someone will surprise me with an ethnically diverse group of studs to make me a bottom in an international gangbang. Now, if someone sets that one up, be sure to bring a camera so we can be the ones to bring back a time when porno movies were actually worth buying.

If by some chance nothing happens on March 31st when I hit 39 years young, I do know that I'll be getting some the day after my birthday since there is an NY Jock Party happening April 1st that I plan to attend. Plus, I'll be getting in for 1/2 price since that is their rule for parties if they fall on the day before, of, or after your birthday ----Yippee!!!! So I know that night I'll either be making up for what I missed on my birthday, or taking my sex drive into extra innings....and outings. Maybe I can have my international gangbang there starting with the clothes-check guy and the bartender.

And yes, come 2:57 AM Wednesday morning, I will be 39. Now look what a life without abusing drugs can do for you. Because as you can see I'm walking down a road that will have me with the looks and sexual energy bound to make me become a young-looking, dirty old man....and I LOVE IT!!!!

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