Sunday, March 21, 2010

Peppermint's "Excuse My Beauty"

Destiny must have known!

Another one of the non-porn projects I was involved in before deciding to officially retire from porn has come to light. First released was Empulse's video for "Fight The People (With Love)", now comes me being one of the extras in Peppermint's video for the single, "Excuse My Beauty". I'm actually the guy at the front of the line in  the beginning of the video.

That long trenchcoat that I'm wearing has become famous to the point that I've been called either "Neo", "Morpheus", or "Blade". It also had Jeff, one of the coat-check guys at The Cock once say to me, "Some people you know by their drink. You, I know by your coat."

With that in mind, anyone who knows that coat will notice me - but if you blink, you'll miss me.

For such a small part, I was present to see a great deal of this video being filmed. Along with standing outside HK Lounge where I was a wanna-be party-goer, I was also origanlly at Splash Bar seeing the dancers start in tuxedos, then ending in street clothes,
and seeing the girls hating on Peppermint,

 - I was there to see all of that. So being as interested in the inner-workings of things as I am, it's interesting to see how all that I saw that day finally came together.

So what's next for me to pop up in? With me, you never know ;-)

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