Friday, June 26, 2020

SEX.... Never Lose Its Fascination

Sex has always been an interesting subject to me.

Looking back to being a grade school child when I learned exactly what sex is; then starting to masturbate, which gave me some idea of how great sex feels to the body; then as I got older, even as a virgin, learning sex was a beautiful and powerful thing. Such a powerful thing that it can create life. Then once I finally experienced it for myself, I further understood that power. Seeing how while I already knew that when done right, sex can create life in a physical state, I also saw how it can create life in a spiritual state as well. But I additionally saw how when done wrong, it can be just as easily end those states of life. So the older I get, the more I understand how we have to respect that power and not take it lightly. And I try to educate people to do the same.

Just the outward simplicity of sex... simple back and forth motions. Causing all those inward complexities of sensations throughout the body, effecting the mind, and changing lives. ALL OF THAT IS FASCINATING.

And as long as there is life to continue, it will never cease being fascinating. Especially among us human being. So I wrote a poem to talk about the never ending fascination that is sex. Enjoy.

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