Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The Reconstructive Surgery of a Sex Toy - Thunder Stroke

Have you ever purchased a sex toy, and once you got it home to test it out, it ended up disappointing you?

Well, that happened to me when I purchased a Thunder Stroke 2-in-1 Wand Attachment from XR Brands. I was so hyped to used this. Because I already have their Hummingbird, which I love. A love that is clearly displayed by the cumshot at the end of the XTube video I made using it. With one side of the 2 play pieces on the Thunder Stroke resembling the Hummingbird, I felt that would just be an extra version of that texture. For my real reason for ordering the Thunder Stroke was for the piece that stimulates primarily the head of the penis.

Unfortunately, that didn't work out as I had planned. For I didn't realize before purchasing the attachment that the side of the Magic Wand's head gives less vibration that the top. This miscalculation was because of the fact that I have gotten off by putting the side of the Magic Wand's head on my frenulum numerous times. I even have an unreleased video to prove it. But all of those times were without something possibly obstructing the intensity of the vibration. Hence why the Thunder Stroke didn't work as I had hoped. The 2 stimulation sleeves of the Thunder Stroke get their vibration from the side of a Magic Wand. Unlike the Hummingbird, which gets its vibration from the more intense top of a Magic Wand.

My Aries' stubbornness however refused to make this purchase a waste. So I decided to try making the Thunder Stroke like the Hummingbird. I cut both sleeves off of the Thunder Stroke, then re-attached the one for stimulating the head of the penis to the top of the attachment with a shoe repair adhesive called Shoe Goo. I occasionally checked it over 3 days. Each time, it held firm. But the ultimate test came when I decided to make the video below. For that was my 1st time using it. So I was wondering:

Will the intense vibration of the Magic Wand prove me wrong to think that my reconstruction of the Thunder Stroke would be a success?

Well, there was only one way to find out? And you see it all down below. If successful, perhaps XR Brands will redo their Thunder Stroke.

The Reconstructive Surgery of a Sex Toy: Thunder Stroke powered by XTube

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