Saturday, February 8, 2020

Sex Toy Review: Kiiroo Onyx+

Only 20 people received Kiiroo's ONYX+ for review, and I'm honored how I got to be one of them.

Kiiroo's ONYX+ is the 3rd version of the Onyx. I had the 1st one. I reviewed as to how it was a new masturbation experience after using my hand for almost 40 years. Since I consciously remember stroking my penis since the age of 9, and the ONYX was the 1st sex toy I've ever owned that mostly did the stroking for me. All I had to do was grind into the toy. So I was eager to see how this version was going to do. Especially since I was still a tad spoiled on the interactive prowess of their vibrating penis toy, Titan.

Note that I mentioned that the Titan is a vibrating penis toy, while all versions of the ONYX actually stroke the penis.

The ONYX+ has 3 modes, Manual, Automatic, and Interactive.

The manual mode is just that--- manual. By stroking the space between the 2 arrows on top of the device, you can make the pleasure rings stroke along the sleeve however you want. And you can go quite fast since you can get 140 strokes per minutes out of the ONYX+.

In addition to the Manual mode, the ONYX+ also has an automatic mode, which has 4 settings. They are called: Full Stroke, Power Up, Handjob, and Storm, and they are exemplified in the video below. I made this and the other video in this review without the sleeve that goes inside the ONYX+ to show the motion the 10 pleasure rings in the device do against the sleeve to please one's penis.

I saved talking about the best mode for last. The mode that is putting Kiiroo on the map ---- the interactive mode.

I love searching through the porn videos to see which I can play with my interactive sex toys. And when I find one, I'm all in. For part of what gets me off from my masturbating to porn is not only imagining what the person I'm focusing on is doing to me. I'm also imagining what sensation the person I'm focusing on is feeling.

Hence why even though I define as a predominately gay bisexual, I watch straight porn more with over 95% of the time focusing on the guy. As I did when testing the ONYX+.

The reason why is because Pornhub's Interactive category only has straight porn. So what about gay sex toy owners who would like the same joy of interactive during their porn viewing? For them, the way interactive mode might work is by syncing it with some VR porn. For non-VR interactive viewing, I'd suggest choosing the gay channel at

The interactive mode also allows a long-distance play session. You can do so by connecting the ONYX+ with another interactive device, like a Fuse, Pearl, another Onyx, or any other Kiiroo toy. This can be with a partner or even a cam model. All can be achieved by a connection through the FeelConnect app.

No matter which mode I tested the ONYX+'s prowess with, at least for me, it gave me a number of mini-orgasms before causing the main orgasm and ejaculation. An orgasm with which I could not contain the noise from the ecstasy. That says a lot since my masturbating started so young, I've taught myself well as to how to silence my orgasms.

Also, the clean-up is quite simple. All one has to do is remove the sleeve to wash it with any body-safe soap or toy cleaner; let it dry; then put it back in the device. It's that simple.

In closing, let me go back to the interactive and show you just how well the ONYX+ syncs with some porn. This video in the following tweet is the one that made me cum. And why wouldn't it? It had me feeling every suck to Ryan Madison, and every fuck as if I was him. And there were no complaints here since I love watching his sexual enthusiasm.

With all that said, I strongly advise you to get an ONYX+ for yourself. IT. IS. AWESOME!

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