Monday, February 17, 2020

Party Review: Celebrating at Body Shop NYC

In case you don't follow me on social media, I was in a celebratory mood February 9th and 10th. For on February 9, 2002, as soon as I stepped into the (now gone) gay bar Splash, I came out to myself. And a few hours later, after midnight, so it was February 10, 2002, I lost my virginity in a 5-man orgy. So when I learned of the debut of Body Shop NYC being on February 10, 2020, the 18th anniversary of me losing my virginity, I felt I had the perfect place and way to celebrate....

By getting laid.

I knew I was in "trouble" before I even got let inside the venue. For on my way there, just steps away from the door, I saw a hot guy walking out. At a quick glance, he resembled the porn stud named Angelo.

Angelo makes my hole twitch just having a quick mental picture of him as I write this. So imagine what went through my mind seeing a guy that looks slightly like him in the flesh. Adding even more titillation was my peripheral vision catching the guy starting to check me out as I got closer to the venue's door. It took every fiber of my being to not return the glance.

Because I know me. And I always looks at the big picture. In this case, it was a big picture knowing that if I had returned that glance, and by chance got invited to go elsewhere, you would be reading a review of whether or not that guy laid good pipe, instead of whether or not the hot cakes and sausage selection was any good at Body Shop NYC.

So yes, I continued on into Body Shop NYC. There were a couple of more guys leaving as I was entering. But I've attended enough sex parties that I didn't lose hope of there being guys to play with. Because even if few were there once I got undressed, I knew that unless you arrive within the last hour, there is often a new wave coming to come. And while the party started at 9:30, but I didn't get out of work until 10:20, making me arrive a little before 11, I was in luck with about 2 1/2 hours left.

I first did as I always do by taking a stroll through the venue. Even though I've been to the space before for other parties. It was pretty quiet for the moment. Some action was happening, but I was still in the combined mode of decompressing from work and observing the vibe at the party.

I have grown to distance myself from some parties lately. For I've grown tired of their racist marketing. Making it be that in order for a black male to get laid, one would have to first and foremost focus on him being black, and with just as much vigor, expect him to play the white porn-induced role of aggressive black male with a BBC. That was not the case at Body Shop NYC. I, and everyone else regardless of their color was able to be themselves. Of course there are those who are still stuck on the Great Racist Sexpectations that porn has taught them. But I can gladly report that for my encounters, my sexual position did not seem immediately assumed. And if it was, it was allowed to change. Especially pleasing since my encounters were with a Latino and white male.

So yes, I only had 2 encounters that night. As perpetually horny as I am, I don't need my dick engulfed and/or ass filled the entire time I'm in attendance at a party. I need chemistry. As I said in a recent Instagram post, it's not about quantity, but quality.

With the Latino, I bottomed. However, that's after his introduction to me was by giving me a blowjob, which made me think that I was going to be the top. Perhaps the possible change was because of what happens with many versatile and vers/bottoms guys I meet. For between his groping my ass after he had me stand up to give me a blowjob, followed by my cakes in position to satisfy his request to rim me, the sight of my ass might have seduced him to become my top.

This is not the 1st time such a thing has happened. Hence why I can make that summation. In any case, I welcomed him pounding my ass and my ass causing him to shoot his load.

With the white guy, I got bold. After a few walks around exchanging glances, my usually shy self actually approached him. He immediately started to suck me off. He had a very nice body, and I rubbed everywhere I could without removing my cock from his mouth. At one point, I went down on him. His cock was so thick. I figured he wanted me to be his top, but based on that last encounter, I let a little more playing happen to know for sure.

I got my answer when he soon laid on his back for me to top him. After awhile, I needed to change positions because if I kept at him in missionary, I knew I was going to come. So we changed to doggy-style. He was still feeling so good. Enough that I wanted to savor it, so I suggested taking a break. Just before that break, I asked him if he ever topped. He said that he sometimes did. That "sometimes" made it easy to surmise that he was a versatile bottom. So when we met up again, I went down on him some more for him to top me for a quick bit.

He told me when I first starting topping him that he wanted me to come all over him. With this, I didn't come by fucking. I came by him sucking me off and us jerking each other off. Between the touch of his body, him jerking me, and me jerking myself, all were happening behind each other so quickly and repeatedly that I don't know which I was doing when I shot my load. But I did shoot it on his as he requested.

The general idea is that one is considered an adult at the age of 18. And in the journey towards becoming 18, you're becoming closer to where you are able to do everything within the law of the land. Put that thinking towards my becoming sexually active, in which I was a total bottom for the first couple of years, but always knew I would become more and more versatile as my sexual confidence matured. So for the 18th birthday of my being sexually active, I went to Body Shop NYC with the hopes of being versatile. Therefore, this was---- Mission: accomplished.

Now, mission aside, I enjoyed and recommend Body Shop NYC. As previously stated, I was able to walk in without the marketing of the party defining what I should be because of color, ethnicity, or body type. Why is that so important? It's because having less of such labels and expectations with those labels allows a patron to walk in with much more relaxation. Which in turn during sexual encounters leads to a lot more elation and ejaculation.

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