Saturday, June 8, 2019

LeNair Xavier - SEXPERT

Ever since my entering gay porn, my mission has always been to inspire great sex. That's why I never wanted to do a scene with someone I was not attracted to. I never wanted an impressionable person to see me having dead eyes in a scene, and think that they should ever do the same during sex.

It is also why I started blogging. And over time with that blogging came my "Getting Out The Kinks" section. I discovered it to be a means to tell you and every other reader, "I got you. You're have kinks. So do I. Mine are to played out between a consenting adult and myself. Therefore, I feel no shame. So if a consenting, stable-minded adult is your playmate, have no shame in your kinks. Love them! Live them!

Once I left porn, my desire to inspire great sex never waned. That is why I am still blogging, and occasionally making videos for my XTube, Pornhub, and RedTube accounts.

Then I came to work at The Pleasure Chest. I initially saw it as a means to go to the other end of the sex industry spectrum. One with a more reputable and respectful appearance than the porn industry overall.

NOTE: I must say "overall" because I am still a great supporter of feminist porn for reasons stated in one of my articles for Kiiroo.

List of My Reviewed Items Sold at The Pleasure Chest (Past & Present) 

Reviewed for Pleasure Chest Website 
Blue Wolf pills (male enhancement) 
Cal Exotics Alpha Stroker 1 
Fleshjack Vortex 
Fun Factory Mr. Boss 
Fun Factory BiStronic Fusion 
Fun Factory Moody 
Fun Factory B Balls Duo 
Lovense Hush 
Lust Films XConfessions, Vol. 1 
Mystim Tickling Truman 
Pjur BackDoor Water-based 
Rocks-Off Bad-Boy Intense 
Sensuelle Pro Homme 
Sir Richards’ Element Prostate Massager 
Tenga Double Hole Cup 
Tenga Flip Zero 
Tenga Flip Hole Red 

Reviewed for possible future carry by The Pleasure Chest 
Adrien Lastic Bonnie & Clyde rabbit 
Nasstoys Infinitt Tongue Massager 
Nexus Ace vibrating butt plug 
Pico Bong Blow Hole 
Pipedream Mega-Bator 
Tantus The Sam dildo 
Tenga Flex White 

Reviewed for my blogs 
Nasstoys Infinittt Tongue Massager 
Pjur Back Door silicone 
Swiss Navy Premium Anal lube 

Reviewed via Thotyssey 
Adrien Lastic Bonnie & Clyde rabbit 
LELO Siri 2 
Pico Bong Transformer 
Vedo Bam 
Vibratex Rechargeable Magic Wand 
We-Vibe Nova 

Reviewed for my Nude Dude Review 

Demonstrated in XTube videos 

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