Friday, April 19, 2019

You WERE Cute,... Until You Thought The World Owes You

There are many gay males who think that just because they fit the ideal of beauty. The problem is that even some gay males who don't show racist behavior without a doubt use their whiteness or light complexion in this manner.

If you are at a gay bar, and someone you are not interested in offers you a drink or a shot, BE A MAN AND SAY "NO THANK YOU"!

Accepting the drink, and no reciprocating their interest to any degree is not the move of a man, but of a faggot. And a faggot is less than a man.

Now, while I am not white, therefore do not have the benefit of using white skin to win the sexually racists masses over, my slim physique and youthful appearance has gotten me offered many a drink. To avoid the drama resulting from me taking advantage of someone's interest, if I am not interested in the guy, I will say, "No thanks, I'm good".I have done this even when I am interested in the guy, but don't feel comfortable enough with him to be obligated to give even the most subtle of reciprocation.

With that said, if you accept the drink or shot from someone, EXPECT to spend time with them. EXPECT to kiss them.

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