Sunday, October 29, 2017

Sex Toy Review - SackJack

One of the first things look for in a masturbation sleeve is whether or not a male's penis can go from flaccid to erect in it. For one the main pleasures of penile masturbation for a male should be that it lessens the pressure on him to be erect. Therefore, a masturbation sleeve should do the same thing. So if the material the masturbation sleeve is made out of is too hard to allow me to see early on the ability for a male to grow in it, then I quickly lose interest in anything else it has to offer, like texture. Luckily, that is not the case with the SackJack by Oxballs.

It's made a soft TPR that lets you start out flaccid, and grow to a full erection while inside it.

For that growth to happen, you need the proper lubrication for your cock's friction with the toy. My day job recommends a water-based lube. However, the packaging of the SackJack also recommends silicone lube as a possible lube choice, which I have to agree with since it makes a slicker glide. These lube suggestions are for the shaft part of the toy, not the part for your balls. If you feel the need to use lube for the part to place your balls, use a water-based lube, because silicone can get too slippery and make your balls slip out while stroking the shaft. Oil-based lubes are not recommended at all.

The SackJack is not as cumbersome as the popular Fleshlight/Fleshjack or my beloved Tenga Flip Hole. It just feels like you put on a textured second skin of your dick and balls with the texturing being for your pleasure, and no one else's. While the balls of the toy don't have texture, they do have a small hole in each ball. These can be used for drainage in watersports play, passageways for currents in electro-play, or the most simple that I've used them for, suction to your ball sack.

For awhile, many have commented on my Nude Dude Review videos that they would like to see a video of me actually using the toy that I've stripped down for. Well, your wish is finally granted. For the video below is not a Nude Dude Review video. It's an X-rated video of me playing with the SackJack. Displaying all of the aforementioned points. Such as my cock going from flaccid to erect while in the toy, using silicone lube for lubrication, and squeezing the balls for suction.

So is it a spoiler alert that the dick-slapping gif is from the end of the video? ENJOY.

Jerking Off With My SackJack powered by XTube

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