Monday, October 24, 2016

Fuckable Body... Unlovable Soul

Fuckable Body... Unlovable Soul from LeNair Xavier on Vimeo.

How can anyone respect, like, or even love a gay pornstar when 95+% are either racist, gay-for-pay, or lowering their worth by having sex with the aforementioned? That's why I have never respected the likes of Conner Habib, but the racism of gay media does. That's why me and Victor Hoff when he was doing Men of Color blog had a disagreement over Devon Hunter.

Victor Hoff once interviewed Devon Hunter. In that interview, they talked about racism in the gay porn industry, and what Devon was slated to do next. Well, not the exact words, but Devon Hunter's replies could justifiably been paraphrased as saying:

"Yes, there's racism in the gay porn industry... Well, let me go rest up, and abstain from cumming so I can be ready to shoot that scene for Falcon."

Yes, in that same interview, Devon Hunter spoke against racism, but also announced working for one of the most racist of gay porn studios. So excuse me. But I can't be of a sane mind telling myself to respect Devon Hunter and others like him when they claim to acknowledge the racism in the gay porn industry, then either pull out their hard-ons to stick it in the ass of a racist or gay-for-pay bitch in denial, or bend over to take in their dick... All in the same breath.

I've avoided this topic for so long because it meant calling out some people who I thought very well of at one time. The most recent known name is Chris Harder. So imagine my disappointment when he made his porn debut by signing an exclusive contract with Cocky Boys, says he's attracted to men of color in his debut video, YET to this day, Cocky Boys has no models darker that light caramel brown. Then after that contract, he has scenes with other racist studios, having sex with white boy after white boy.

And I'm sure some of you who are loyal fans are ready to chime in on how he's working with NextDoorEbony, so I shouldn't be complaining. Actually, me and any racially sensitive non-black still should complain. For NextDoorEbony is a branch of NextDoorStudios made up during the Recession so NextDoorStudios could stay afloat by doing "something new" (for them)---fetishizing black guys. And those black models are never seen in scenes for NextDoorBuddies or any other site from NextDoorStudios, like NextDoorStudio's white and light Latino models. So before coming to Chris Harder's defense on this, consider all of that.

Now, Chris Harder is not the 1st to disappoint me like this. He is one of a loooong list. It's just as always, it takes that "one too many" to make me address an issue in much greater detail.

So this poem is my self-realization of how the man I thought Chris Harder was, the good associates and friends I thought I had when I was in the industry,... they are all people who do not exist. I also might have to admit that the goodness was never there. Whatever the case, at least I'm acknowledging it.

Well, to prove the saying of how every dark cloud has a silver lining, the reaction from the audience was GREAT!!!!

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