Friday, July 22, 2016

New Orgasm: Exploring The Onyx

As some of you may know that I've been blogging for the sex toy company Kiiroo since the end of 2015. Never getting their best known product, the interactive male masturbation sleeve, the Onyx.

Now, if you know my reputation and how I don't associate myself with anything I don't know is good, then me writing for Kiiroo without knowing how well is Onyx works might puzzle you. Well, I can best explain that move by my experience 6 years ago with the sex toy, Real Touch. That experience showed me that the technology for such a device is there, so it would be ludicrous for a company to put their name out there in such high profile if their product can't deliver its claimed features.

Features such as:
  • Being interactive with Kiiroo's female vibrator, Pearl. 
  • Being intertactive with another Onyx
  • Reacting to the actions of some interactive porn websites
  • Hand-sensors on top of the device
Such features make this the toy males have been dreaming of since the human male has been traveling away from their sex partners, as well as since they have been masturbating to porn. So why is it that I have been having trouble getting off to using Kiiroo Onyx?

Perhaps a look at my masturbation and orgasm history might explain it.

I've been masturbating with a simple jerk-off since I was 9 or 10 years old. I didn't lose my virginity until I was 30 going on 31, and back then, the orgasm I got from sex was a mental one. The physical orgasm came again from jerking off as masturbation after the sex. I started masturbating with a Fleshlight when they first came out, but my method of masturbation over 95% of the time remained being jerking off. I then played with a Tenga Flip-Hole, and reviewed it with high marks, but reverted back to over 95% jerking off as masturbation. At this point, I didn't see myself able to orgasm during sex until I played with the Aneros prostate massagers my job gave me as a birthday present in 2014, I felt the potential to orgasm by being penetrated, but not touching myself last year, Stopping myself because of how foreign the feeling felt. So I redeemed only recently, by letting myself go during a hot encounter in which (at the old ass age of 45) I ejaculated while being penetrated.

Take note that every masturbation and orgasm experience listed in the previous paragraph had one commonality----either my hand, my crotch, or both were in motion. So now comes this sex toy that I bought where it is marketed (and I can testify as TRUE) to how none of that motion is necessary. All you have to do is stick your dick in, and it's like you've stepped into the porn actor's body. Feeling every sensation (technologically possible) that he's feeling from the mouth, pussy, or ass his cock is inside of. But once you get a hard-on, no motion is required from you.

Since your brain is your main sex organ by controlling all of the more known sex organs, such a change in masturbation technique is quite an undertaking for the mind. So it will take longer than usual to be taught a new way to orgasm. For every aforementioned change was just that, a lessons in a new way to orgasm.

With that said, it took some time for me to finally orgasm using the Kiiroo Onyx. I purchased a membership to the interactive porn site, and looked at a number of videos. Of the many I watched, they were about 3 that were bringing me closer and closer to an ejaculating orgasm by all of the quick mini-orgasms I had while the Onyx stroked me. I found them on Pornhub, and here they are:

I've always had a thing for male straight pornstar Ben English. Before my becoming sexually active and since, my NON-size-queen self always felt he knew how to work his big dick. And I love a man getting sweaty from sex. So imagine the joy I felt watching him glisten with sweat from pleasuring, not 1, but 2 bodies:

This gay video piqued my interest with its caramel brown Latin boys (one with a nice tanline), 2 both with great asses (the slim guy has a bouncy one), and sand sticking on the naked body getting wet from sex on the beach:

And I have always loved European porn and how they don't hold back on being more equal than American porn in showing the males, and making sure they have hot bodies just like the females.

Like I said, I got these videos off of Pornhub. Now, imagine watching these videos with a sex toy moving on your cock to the same rhythm as the action on the screen. Be that action a handjob, blowjob, or fucking. I learned this by how in the European orgy video, the Onyx started stroking me the second that hot guy's dick went into the woman's mouth.

With all of that said, if the Kiiroo Onyx is of interest to you, click the banners above or the picture of me with my Onyx below.

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