Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Getting Out The Kinks: Pants-LESS Is More

I wrote about this kink before some years ago when I was blogging for the gay porn company, Pitbull Productions. But since that blog is now gone, I thought it best to revisit it since I've matured in my writing skills and knowledge to explain what is my personal draw to this kink.

Like anybody else, I'm an admirer of a handsome face. So of course my sexual fantasies are sparked by the thought of looking in that face during sex. And while I am versatile in real life, my fantasies usually have me assume the role of bottom. So it doesn't hurt to have a gorgeous face to imagine looking at while having a bottoming fantasy.

I have also made it no secret that I'm a total ass-man.
In fact, I will fantasize about bottoming for a guy based on seeing only his ass. Never really caring if I ever see his dick.

Now, just because I'm a total ass-man, that doesn't mean that I will turn down the chance to see a beautiful dick. And since I'm not by any means a size-queen, I don't care about his cock size.
I'm a happy camper as long as there is a cock to fantasize about letting in my ass. Be it just inside the hole, deep enough to massage my prostate, or so deep that the more he thrusts in my ass, the more latex or pre-cum I can taste.

My next favorite body part to base my sexual fantasies on are his legs.
I love a nice strong pair of legs, especially his calves. It helps me to imagine him having the muscles to push hard and deep into my ass.

Seeing a man's chest and arms are not big concerns of the sex in my fantasies, or real life. I am however concerned about his stomach. I don't care if it's his abs are washboard. However, if his wearing only a shirt makes him look like he's wearing the old maternity tops women used to wear, then I'm turned off. And that is not a statement of fat-shaming. I'm just stating I'm not normally into larger guys. But I have had a couple of husky guys in my day.

With all that said, it should be clear to see that the titillating sight of a guy wearing only a top and no pants allows me to focus on the bareness of the body parts that incite my lust the most.

Well, if you like the photos in this post, then you'll be glad to learn that I have over 300 more photos in my public One Drive folder labeled "No Pants". So enjoy.

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