Sunday, November 2, 2014

Don't Tell Me Not

Don’t tell me not to talk about sex
All of you fuck, and my talk is not so much to boast
Dirty as my talk might sometimes be
It’s meant for you to learn the most
As we live in this repressive society
Where “sex” is such a dirty word
That even couples need an arbitrator
So that their desire of one another is heard

I also talk about sex to undo the brainwashing
That we for centuries have been told
Sexual roles based on gender, orientation, and ethnicity
Can finally be broken from their poisonous mold
To see a woman’s vagina is a cherished passage for passion
 The sexuality spectrum has more colors than initially figured
And a Black male has the smarts to be a man
And not imitate porn playing “gorilla nigger”

So don’t tell me not to talk about racism
Showing yourself to be a racially insensitive bitch
For you wouldn’t want me to tell you to be quiet
If the power dynamic suddenly switched
Where my black skin made me perceived most beautiful
And intellectually treated to be the superior
Meanwhile, no matter how smart and beautiful you are in the eyes of God
I say you’re shit on the sole of my shoe, and inferior

You were hoping I was one of those Blacks
Weak enough for you to guilt into silence
Calling me “another angry Black man” to dismiss me
…But that only justifies my verbal violence
The only reason my violence is verbal and not physical
Besides you talking computer bold, instead of face to face
Is due to my faith in the God to whom I pray
So this is the point you should be on your knees
For it’s because of Him you see another day

So don’t tell me not to talk about God
Showing yourself to be insecure and unsafe
For if I’m not force-feeding you about religion
Only one thing makes you want to silence talk of my faith
You want to bathe in your arrogance
Believing all you do and have is all thanks to you
Like your every breath, every accomplishment, and wish come true
Well, if there’s a Judgment Day, you’ll be shown the truth

So don’t tell me not to talk about matters
That are staring us all in the face
For your insensitivity and lack of compassion
Is making your every breath a disgrace
So when God a.k.a. Karma beats you down
Taking away a loved life, material wealth, or physical prowess
Though none of that will be wished upon you
I will not shed a single tear
For I will become a link in the chain of insensitivity that you birthed
So it finally becomes clear
That if you do not stop trying to silence my truths

You will have plenty of comeuppance to fear

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