Thursday, February 20, 2014

Who Am I To You?

You know that moment when you feel one (or more) of your friends has one foot in the grave, and another on a banana peel. For them not being there for you like you have repeatedly been a listening ear and offered to be there for them for their events, through their illnesses, and/or addiction(s). Well, those are the people this poem is addressed to. So it is not just one person in particular. In fact, you could be reading this right now. So I've been pushed to that point where I needed to ask...

If you feel that you have been pushed to that point, feel free to share the video, or share/download the audio I uploaded to my Soundcloud account, and pass it along to the guilty party.

For whether you use your own words or mine, this problem in your life won't become a fixed problem until you take a step to address it.

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