Monday, February 11, 2013

Thank You, Fool!

We all have guys in our pasts that we look back on and say to ourselves, "What the fuck was I thinking?!"
Add to that the mornings, days, nights of rendezvouses (secret and planned) that you spent exchanging the body fluids of sweat, semen, ass, and vaginal juices through sex that you either wore on and/or in your bodies, and you can add to the aforementioned sentiment feelings of utter disgust. And maybe even regret. I know because such an example of that for me is Dave, the guy from my poem "You Can Say Never".

Then there are those like Danny whose emotionally crippled ways made you the only one between the two of you adult enough to try and make a date happen. Or when the date does happen, you were the only one adult enough to call it that, while guys like Toby and his faggotry refused to. And after you gave so much of yourself emotionally and time-wise, all you have to show for it are what?...KISSES.

Well, you may feel cheated. I know one part of me does. Meanwhile another part of me, the wiser part of me, is screaming "Thank God we never had sex! Even with a condom, THANK YOU, JESUS!!!!" Because in all honesty, I have met some one-night stands show more character, emotional health, and humanity in that one night, than those guys (and others like them) have shown me in my entire time involved with them. And coming to that realization while writing this poem is why my diplomacy is dead. So I now refer to them to be FOOLS. For only a fool would drag their feet in cherishing someone as good as me. Hence the title of the following poem:

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