Saturday, February 9, 2013

11 Dicks To Celebrate Year 11?

Some of my most loyal readers may have grown tired of these posts coming every year at this time. But I'm writing it anyway. As today, February 9, 2013 makes it 11 years of my coming out in the most important way of all ----to myself. Followed by a few hours later, in the wee-hours of February 10th, I lost my virginity in a 5-man orgy. A story I have told on m blog before, but I plan to get into more erotic, yet thought-provoking detail about in the autobiography I'm working on.

Anyway, every year, I try to figure out a way to celebrate. Here are a few raunchy ideas that came to mind:

1) Be a gangbang bottom for 11 guys.
PRO - Sounds HOT!!!! Since when I bottom, I am a power-bottom, so I'm sure that I have a hole that can take it.
CON - Where would I do this? For I am not trying to fit 11 HOT naked guys into my little studio apartment. Furthermore, it's not that momentous an occasion to rent a space for it.
2)  Have a flip-fuck orgy with 11 versatile guys.
PRO- Again, sounds HOT!!!!. For it would show my sexual evolution from being a total bottom when I lost my virginity to being the versatile guy I am now, as I've always predicted.
CON - Same as Idea #1.
3) Go to a ManMeat sex party, and seek out to have 11 fucks as a top and/or bottom.
PRO - Again, sounds HOT!!!! Plus, it alleviates the con of Ideas 1 & 2.
CON - There's no guarantee that I'll get 11 fucks.

And while I haven't mentioned it as a pro or con thus far, for those who want to play "condom police" in my bedroom, I am well-stocked on condoms and lube to make this happen. So add that as an OVERALL PRO.

Well, with the recent snowfall that has presently covered NYC, I am not selfish enough to try to make anyone come to my place, or go to anyone else's for any kind of hook-up. And even if there wasn't snow, any idea would have been too much mental and physical work just to celebrate 11 years out to myself.

With that in mind, I can just look on the bright side....Another thing I've mentioned before, and not to be morbid, but had it not been for my taking the steps to come out to myself, I could be dead. So maybe the best way to celebrate is that instead of using intercourse (like too many do to validate themselves), I could simply "embrace some silence" and cherish the fact that I'M ALIVE.

For sometimes, simple is the best way to go.

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